Do you have an addiction you simply can’t seem to get rid of? Try these techniques to help you boost success:

Improve your mental and physical health
It takes mental stamina and physical health to prevent relapsing. Trying to fight off an addiction is very draining mentally and physically. Often your brain and body is not prepared for the change. Many addicts have depleted neurotransmitters (chemicals) in the brain, that cause intense cravings. Increasing physical health through proper foods, exercise and meditation can rebalance the brain and body.

Start managing your cravings and urges to use

Take immediate action when your cravings hit. Certain meditation practices can help you to become aware of your cravings and teach you to “not react.” Those cravings and intrusive urges to use your drug of choice are really false messages that you need to become aware of. You do not have to act on them. Also become aware of your cues and avoid situations that can trigger your cravings.

Reduce negative emotions and stress

Stress to an addict is like fuel to a fire. By using proper coping skills you can be able to manage your stress, depression, anger or anxiety. Use techniques such as yoga and meditation that help you to reduce these negative emotions and help you cope with cravings.
Set up boundaries with others

Maintaining boundaries is important because social pressure is one of the main causes of relapse. People that you allow within your life have a profound effect on you. They can either help or hinder you toward your goal.

Develop a positive social support system
Research indicates that people who have meaningful relationships and a positive support system are more likely to find long-term sobriety. Friends, family and even professionals can be your support system and can help you to reach your goals.

Improve communication skills

Managing interpersonal conflict is important. Your ability to communicate well to others in your life can build a good support system, increase your social opportunities and decrease stress.

Develop positive structure within your life

Having structure is important because it can feel the slots of boredom and loneliness in your life. Developing positive activities to replace addiction activities will result in greater outcomes.

Author's Bio: 

Scott Roberts is an author and speaker. He is an addiction specialist and researcher with a B.S. degree in psychology and master's studies in rehabilitation counseling. He has worked with people with addiction problems for nearly 15 years.