Prepositions can occasionally cause huge embarrassment to nonnative speakers of English—and for some local speakers too. Nobody pays heed to prepositions when you use them effectively. However, when you don't use them correctly, your composition may sound weird and its meaning becomes misty.

One must always keep in mind that an important piece of writing or speech, in no way, should distract its readers/listeners from its content to its mistakes.
Here are the examples of some common mistakes made in the usage of prepositions, and their solutions.

1.Preposition (at) to Indicate a specific or precise time
Incorrect : Session ends on 2.50 P.M.
Correct: Session ends at 2:50 P.M.
Incorrect: In midnight, the next day begins.
Correct: At midnight, the next day begins.
Incorrect: Laborers punch out for lunch at noon.
Correct: Laborers punch out for lunch at noon.

2.Preposition (by) to Indicate a time no later than the specified time
Incorrect: John will reach before 8:00.
Correct: John will reach by 8:00.
Incorrect: I might be ready as early as 5:30 but certainly before 6:00.
Correct: I might be ready as early as 5:30 but certainly by 6:00.

3.Until a specific time (continuing up to that time)
Last night, John studied until 11:00.
We won’t be able to meet until Monday.

4.In a specific time period (usually measured in hours, minutes, days,
months, or years)
In two hours, I will be leaving.
In rains, you see fewer people on the streets.
We are planning to go on a leisure trip in January.
in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening (but at night)

5.For a period of time
I have been a spokesperson for thirteen years.
We have been best friends for a long time.

6.Since a date or an hour
They have been a source of trouble to us since 1988
No one has eaten since 9.00

7.On a specific day or date
Most people party on Friday.
I can meet you on June 12.

8.During a continuing time period (or within the time period)
I was nervous during the whole match.
We’ll be away from the office during the next few hours.

9.Miscellaneous time expressions
on time (that is, promptly)
in a while
at the beginning (of the day, month, or year)
in the middle (of a day, month, or year)
at the end (of a day, month, or year)
from time to time (that is, occasionally)

Prepositions to Indicate Place

1. In a country, area, state, city, or neighborhood
in India
in Canada
in France
in Italy

2. On a street or block
We live on MG Road, Mumbai.
They work on highway no.8

3. At a specific address
We work at 30-C Naman Plaza, Kandivali-west, Mumbai.
John lives at B-1001, Park Avenue, NY.

4. At an intersection of two streets
Let’s meet at (the corner of) MG Road and Link Road.

Other Prepositions - For a reason or for someone who benefits
I went to the bar for a drink.
I watered the plants for him.
I bought a car for my father.

2. About a subject (or on a subject)
We were talking about our plans for next week.
I recently read an article about (or on) astrology.

3. Between two; among three or more
We shared the burger between the two of us.
The five players of the team discussed it among

4. From a starting point; to a destination
We drove from Delhi to Mumbai.

5. Toward (in the direction of) a place
I was walking towards the Juhu beach when I came cross John.

6. Into (entering) a place or space
John went into his house through the back door.

7. In (inside of) a place or space
He’s been working out in the gym: he hasn’t gone outside.

8. On a surface
The book is on the table.
The portrait is hanging on the wall.

9. Off a surface
I took the plate off the kitchen platform
I have nailed the painting deep into the wall; it’s not going to come off the wall any time soon now.

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