When the economy is in turmoil and there is little reassurance that stable ground is hard to find. You're looking to find a place to lay your hard earned principle down and grow; you want to know that when you make a purchase your value didn't decrease and liquidate to nothing. Your future is a stake in a high stakes game of survival. It's a dog eat dog world, best man wins type of situation.

Your fighting the battle between good and evil when it comes your financial affairs. Just like the Roman Empire came to an end with extensive amounts of bloodshed, violence and torture. Warriors went head to head with their opponents. Now you need to put on the same fierce ready for battle attitude and get ready to fight.

Your entire future is at a point where the wrong move will cost you the battle and possibly the war. You can't afford to make a wrong move.

This is where careful strategy, planning, using the time tested arts of war on your investments will not only prepare you for battle; you'll have the upper hand every step of the way.

Now choosing your battles are a wise method for gaining the upper hand in any situation. You need to in this case size up your own ability in the areas of risk tolerance, emotional stability, willingness to hang in there when the going seems rough. This is where due diligence, preparedness and facts all come into play. You calculate your risk before you ever place a soldier into the battle field.

Next you surround and corner your opponent on all sides knowing there next moves before they do. You also have every obstacle covered due to you cunning. This is where your preparation comes in handy. First your exit strategy, when this event takes place when do you jump in and when do you jump out?

Having an exit strategy before you head into battle also has your future mapped out; you know why you are going into battle you need to know what and when you're going to get out. Never jump in without an exit strategy. Here is where you factor in your loss risk, inflation, costs of living, tax benefits, liquid access and next playing field options.

You also need to ensure your soldier are strong, conditioned and well trained to endure extended battle; they must have the ability to resist market fluctuation and volatility. The daily bloodshed can wipe out many warriors in a single event if your unprepared. You can never know every single move your opponent will make. You will however be prepared for an ambush, ready to make the necessary adjustments as needed.

Spreading out your warriors is also a very important aspect to a successful strategy, diversifying and hedging are two common ways to reduce the risk. The most common hedge is in the real estate market where you can earn multiple streams of income off of a single asset.

These streams help to produce an influx of new warriors into the playing field which in return aid in the overall conquest of financial freedom.

You'll gain both appreciation and cash-flow although sometimes these can be a break even or negative situation they still aid in your over all financial picture.

A second way to hedge against your enemies commonly known as loss, taxation, market volatility and corporate dissolution or bankruptcy is to recruit a secondary army or multiple cash accounts spread across several sectors in the market place. ETFs and mutual funds are common here. These aren't your foot soldiers here. They are your chariots, your knights on horse back all converging together in hundreds or even thousands of battles all across the war zone.

Together they fight off the constant rise in living costs due to inflation, food, fuel and taxes. They are the driving force after your foot soldiers have mapped out the terrain and taken surveys of the land topography. Your eye's and ears in the battle field. They get in, get out and provide the ability to win the war before it's ever fought.

Then you have the big guns, the Trojan horses and catapults, your long term plans, your future capital. Your retirement, your estate plans and your beneficiaries are all counting on the proper execution of this battle plan. Here is where you need the giants to come in and wipe out your enemy quickly while trampling onto victory without hesitation.

Crushing blow after crushing blow you defeat your enemies growing infinitely stronger as you continue to battle. Collectively your forces are unstoppable even with some inadvertent crushing blows received from an opponent you will be able to withstand them without losing momentum. You need a proven method for winning wars. Just as military history is an essential read for running a business; it's equally important that you know it for your own business of personal financial responsibility.

You owe it to your self to make a stand and stay off the defeated list. In todays economic chaos you can't afford to sit back and watch your life's savings become depleted or lose your home in the wave of foreclosure mayhem, mortgage meltdown and credit crunches. Not only that stocks are falling like rocks to all time record lows, employers are cutting back or going out of business almost daily.

Giants who have stood tall through early depressions and recession are crumbling like the Roman Empire did so many years ago.

Disappearing into history to never be heard from again. When giants fall you know your safety is uncertain unless you make the changes necessary to protect your self now. Get ready to fight, train with the experts who will guide you in the proper battle techniques and strategies that you will embrace with new found respect and honor.

Author's Bio: 

Ryan Wegman is Your Wealth Coach, his practical adaptation from desperate to success have given him the insight to see where many fall short on their laurels and provide them with real tools and information to make the transformation from wherever they are to where they want to be.