Premature..... (genesis 3)

Life is ultimately in stages, men come in sizes. Every stage requires a certain size to operate on it. Before you could be qualified to perform at a certain stage of life, a level of growth must be attained. 

That is why, you do not marry off your daughter as a baby, you cannot start practicing as a doctor until you are qualified, you cannot feed a new born baby with solid food therefore, until you have developed in some fundamental life faculties, you will find it difficult to maximize the scope of responsibility life has to offer.

Learning from genesis chapter 3, we see that Adam by virtue of creation has the image and likeness of God. He was created to be a replica of God " let us make man in our image and likeness" therefore, he has the potential abilities of God, he also has the potential capacities of God. 

But reading the chapter thoroughly, you would discover that man was not given all the attributes of God. In fact, God vividly mentioned it " now man has become like one of us..... Knowing good and evil"..... This was after they ate of the tree. To further confirm this, God said " lest he also take of the tree of life, and live forever"... Therefore although Adam has the 'god' potentials, he was limited in the full scope of God Head. 

Thus the reason God restricted Adam from eating of the tree of knowledge was because Adam was not yet mature to partake of it. So he was premature for the knowledge of good and evil,  and when he prematurely ate of it, the fruit did not settle well with him, and thus choked him to spiritual death.

Looking at that narrative closely, we also discover that, probably, God wanted Adam to attain a level of spiritual maturity before he will have the liberty to eat of the tree of knowledge. More so, the tree of life was reserved for Adam at a particular stage of spiritual maturity. This is because these trees were place in the environment of Adams responsibility. In fact, the trees were under Adams jurisdiction and care but he was not mature enough to access them.

The baseline of this, is simple. 

a) life is in stages. Never jump the foundational principles of life, if not growth is hindered.

b) Until your capacity to carry out a responsibility is strong, do not take on it, lest you die under the burden of the responsibility.

c) a prematurely executed action, results in disaster.

d) nurture your growth, strengthen your capacity, prepare yourself, develop your sense of responsibility and be sensitive to the timing of life.

e) until you understand the consequences of your actions, please do not take it.

patience is a virtue that fosters steady growth and strength.
He who said "don't eat" , shall one day say " eat". When the time is right.



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Kalu chijioke Harvard is a teacher of God's word, a life coach, business development strategist and the author of extensive books, and articles. He is passionate about the environment and human growth.

He is the publisher of seedtract™