The popularity of gastric bypass or weight loss surgery is growing rapidly. If dieting, exercise, and other non-invasive weight management strategies fail to help you get in shape, then gastric bypass seems the only reliable option. The question is when can you plan on conceiving the child after gastric bypass? Most importantly, is it safe to get pregnant after this surgery?

Like other invasive medical procedures, weight loss surgery is quite complex. Recovery may take a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the diet and lifestyle you follow after the surgery. If you have recently had gastric bypass surgery and you are planning to conceive, consider discussing your options with the obstetrics & gynecology specialist Thane West. In this article, we’ll discuss a few important safety tips for those who are planning pregnancy after gastric bypass.

When Can You Get Pregnant After the Gastric Bypass?

You can get pregnant as soon as your weight stabilizes after the weight loss surgery. Your gynecologist might recommend you wait for the first 18 months after the surgery before conception. That’s because your body tends to go through several changes during the recovery period. Pregnancy after the gastric bypass is not a big concern.

The major issue you might face after the surgery, however, is weight loss. In order to ensure that the woman and the baby do not suffer from malnutrition, gynecologists recommend you wait for at least 18 months before trying to get pregnant. This reduces the risk of malnutrition in the infant and mother.

If you are planning pregnancy, visit the best gynecologist in Currae hospital Thane to get your medical condition diagnosed before conception. While pregnancies after gastric bypass surgery are usually safe, you shouldn’t take the risk unless your physician recommends otherwise. The 12-18 months waiting period is the ideal time for those who want to wait, but your physician might ask you to wait longer. It depends on your health and recovery.

Conceiving after Your Weight Stabilizes

For those with slow recovery, it might take some time to get their weight stabilized. As a general rule, you must wait until your weight is stabilized before conceiving. Your gynecologist might run a series of tests, especially the nutritional deficiency test to ensure that your body is capable of conceiving after the weight loss surgery. This test is followed by other health tests. You may also have to contact a dietician or a surgeon to ensure that your weight is in control.

It isn’t only about the physical changes in your body, but weight loss might bring about changes in your mental health that might be more disturbing to your fetus’s health. The pregnancy after weight loss may not only affect your physical and mental well-being, but it might have a negative impact on the health of the growing baby. That being said, you must consider waiting for a few months after the weight loss surgery before trying to conceive.

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