Long-standing conventional scientific findings and modern political correctness dictate basic personality traits are due to environment, not genetics.

But advances in behavioral genetics contrast with that theory.

Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard, says, “The findings of behavioral genetics have turned out to be substantial and robust, and new studies are linking genes with behavioral traits like IQ."

He alludes to the age-old debate of fate vs. free will in explaining how behavioral genetics is frequently shunned due to its apparent, inherent lack of promise: “Behavioral genetics, the study of why people differ, has long been the most vilified subfield of psychology. Its signature findings—that all traits are partly heritable and that the variation that can’t be attributed to genes can’t be attributed to families either—are regularly denied by commentators who consider them too fatalistic...Unlike the cute but ephemeral journalist bait that comes out of many psychology labs, the findings of behavioral genetics have turned out to be substantial and robust."

Although he goes on to suggest random accidents and luck may have a role in determining personality as well, in traits that can't be linked to genes or family, behavioral genetics shines a light on the concept of predetermination.

Biologists may disagree, but our findings show random accidents and luck are completely absent from the forces that determine personality. Some call it genetics and chance, but we call it fate.

"We may be partial, but Fate is not."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Instead of subscribing to the belief of twins being genetic mirrors and that personality differences are only due to environment, we think the truth is much deeper than that.

Being twins, we find genetics without the spiritual angle incomplete. By the way, even the most "identical" twins have different fingerprints, which seems to be a curious oversight by traditional scientists.

Our findings show you're not just a hunk of meat without a soul. As identical twins, we associate our physical and psychological differences with our unique spiritual heritages.

We may have had many lifetimes together (fellow monks in an ancient spiritual order is one that comes to mind), but we've also had many lifetimes apart, in very different circumstances (including on different planets--remember, there are hundreds of billions of stars out there with potentially inhabitable planets).

The reason we've grown apart in looks as we get older is that we believe our unique souls are shining through, representing our differences. Everyone has a unique soul, even identical twins.

It's curious that conventional science, since the Age of Reason over three hundred years ago, denies the soul and its influence on personality, whereas scholars in ancient times didn't.

The fact that modern technology still can't duplicate the Great Pyramid is a bit of a wakeup call to those who discount the ancients as barbaric and primitive. So much can be learned by putting aside oftentimes uncompromising conventional thought and considering ancient tenets and philosophies.

DNA genetic coding predetermines the core of your emotional, physical, and psychological makeup. Considering the evidence from myriad past life regression cases, and documented near death experiences (NDEs), it's a reasonable contention that personal fate is intertwined with each person's makeup, and that there is such a thing as the soul, an afterlife, and reincarnation.

Perhaps the notion of personal responsibility, particularly pertaining to past life actions, is one of the core reasons so many people reject the theory of personal fate. It's not easy for many to consider the theory that you, and nobody else, are responsible for your current life circumstances. Note: as we've always said, even the most severe life trials may not be karmic payback, but instead what the soul (not the personality) chose to experience for whatever reason, such as to help humanity avoid such situations in the future.

Hidden, spiritual factors eclipse mundane conventional scientific contentions, just as the vast universe overshadows this relatively tiny speck of a planet. Our findings show genetics and environment are part of personal karma and fate. Happily, you're free to do as you wish, within the boundaries of your personal fate; in spirit form, before incarnating, your higher self (soul) selects your general path for each lifetime.

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