If you’re improving any skills practice is the crucial factor. If you won’t practice, your improvements are going to be slow. You can use all sorts of mental methods like anchoring, visualisation and other stuff like that, but it won’t be enough. It works the same with speaking in public. Practice will help you to get used to the situation, and to reduce fear. As we consider reducing public speaking anxiety, there are several ways we can get practice. What’s best is that some of them are free or almost free. Here are few of them.

First -Toastmasters Clubs. They are especially set to let you train presenting in public. Usually they take form of one meeting a week. Few people will deliver their prepared speeches, and everyone will have a chance to give ultra-short presentation. Although these clubs are paid, it’s really low annual fee, that is equal to few lunches out. For this price you’ll get manuals that each you tips on proper speech delivery.

Second - Karaoke. You probably didn’t expect that, but you really should think out of the box. This is really good way of getting practice in free from pressure, friendly environment. If you didn’t do karaoke before, it’s high time for the first time. Just go to a party and do it. Go there especially in that sole purpose. I really advice you to treat this tip seriously. You should use any chance you can have to get used to speaking (or even singing) to people. The more experiences you’ll get the better for you. And the more various are they going to be the better.

Third – Mirror. You can use mirror as your first audience. Do your speech in front of a mirror. Another way is to record your speech with video camera device. This will help improve your performance, and thanks to this reduce presentation anxiety as well.

All the ideas above can be used at minimal costs or free. They will let you get used to public performance, improve your speaking skills and reduce public speaking anxiety.

Author's Bio: 

Dominik Lipinski runs practical communication on topics trainings including sales, customer service and public speaking. He also writes a blog for people suffering public speaking anxiety - click the link to visit it.