Have you ever whacked your thumb really hard with a hammer? Or perhaps stubbed your toe on a heavy chunk of furniture? Annoying isn't it?

How would you like to know a clever little mind hack that can eliminate virtually all the pain in under a minute?

One of the most practical applications of mind power and auto-suggestion is the ability to control physical pain symptoms. Often times what we experience as pain is not so much the physical damage signals themselves (which for obvious reasons are extremely valuable) but the emotional irritation and annoyance at having whacked our thumb or stubbed our toe.

What's really interesting about this phenomenon however is just how much 'physical' pain symptoms can be turned off by playing with this simple technique for a couple of minutes.

A quick caveat - whilst you can eliminate most pain symptoms with hypnosis and energy psychology tools, you have to ask yourself why you're experiencing the pain in the first place. Please use this technique sensibly!

I've found this drill works great for minor bumps, scrapes and blunt instrument damage. If you've burned or cut yourself, there are better methods you can use to speed healing whilst you're attending to the immediate, common sense, first aid requirements first.

Here's how you can experiment with 'Instant Healing' as follows:

Step 1) If you or someone you know thumps their thumb with a hammer, stubs their toe or has some similar minor injury, instead of jumping up and down shouting, carefully repeat the incident but MISS the thumb, toe etc.

For example, if you whacked your thumb with a hammer, repeat the hammer blow slowly and deliberately, missing the thumb each time.

Step 2) Repeat between 10-50 times immediately after the incident, so if you say hit your thumb with a hammer, repeat the swing and carefully hit the wood/nail etc you were originally aiming at.

Step 3) As you repeat the motion, say to yourself firmly 'nothing happened'!

Step 4) Repeat until you notice most if not all of the pain has just quickly melted away...

The quicker you can do this after the actual event the better and in our experience you can reduce the subjective experience of pain by approximately 80-90% within a minute or two. A very handy trick to have up your sleeve!

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