Interviews can be a tough dream to crack through even with full preparation and knowledge of the subject if you don’t maintain a proper body language. Yes, your body doesn’t need your voice to make conversation and interviewers are quick to notice that message. Everybody language has something to say about you. Whenever we start a communication with other people, it’s not restricted to what we say but how we deliver it. Non-verbal communication has a great role in setting the first impression. That’s why you have noticed that in public places it is easier to connect with a few people whereas with other we refrain from interacting even before interacting with them. It’s because we make an opinion about the other person based on how they behave. His rule goes with you in your interview room too. You interviewer is a stranger who will surely make an opinion about yourself at the very first glance and treat you accordingly.

Let’s look at the factors that can help us in leaving an impactful first impression on the interviewer.

• Smile – No matter how nervous you are, you are not supposed to show that in front of your interviewer. And what can be a better thing than a smile to do that task. A smile not only makes you look positive and pleasant but also helps the interviewer to connect with you better. Always carry a nice smile throughout your interview process. But make sure not to overdo it. Grinning ear to ear never looks good during interviews especially for Back Office Jobs in Kolkata. You are supposed to look professional and not an amateur. So keep a good hold of your smile.

• Mirror the action – We all function subconsciously half of the time. So do you interviewer will. All you have to do is to observe him/her and pick up a few decent moves during your interview for Jobs in Kolkata as fresher. Warning - Don’t mimic. Sporting those actions will make them like you instantly.

• Maintain an eye contact. – When you are having a conversation with your interviewer, you should try to maintain a healthy eye contact whenever possible. Again the warning here is not to start staring them. This will end up making you look like a creep. Eye contact displays your trustworthiness and confidence. This helps them to Find and hire Candidates.

• Response with little gesture. – Don’t just dump all the info you have in front of the interviewer. You should use some actions like your hands to make gestures while having a conversation with them. This will show your ease with the topic.

• Respond - No matter whether you know the answer or not, it’s more imp. To respond than just sitting there with a blank face. In case you don’t have the answer, politely let the interviewer know you don’t know. He/she will simply move forward on the next question. Remember, interviews are there to know you i9n person better than digging the exact info. Everybody knows. All you have to do is to be attentive and respond according to the situation.

With these must do’s, there are few don’t like never touch your face during an interview, this indicates you are nervous. Never tap your hands and feet as this shows your lack of interest in the ongoing conversation. And most importantly sit straight. This is another indicator of your lack of interest. Keep these things in your mind and start applying for jobs now.

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