Isn't it time to launch your dream?

We all have dreams of what our lives, our relationships, our careers, and our futures look like. Yet, how often are we steered away from them? We made choices required of us, based on life circumstances which was and is fine. NOW you have the ability to choose a dream, regardless of your age or the time in your life, and bring it to its stunning fulfillment.
Here are Three Dream Power Tools that are already in your hands- you hold the power and the choice to act on them:

1. Release
If you still harbor regrets for what wasn’t done or another path taken, isn’t it time to let them go so they no longer stand in your way? You can release those regrets whenever they pop into your head. Instead, shift to thoughts and memories of gratitude. They can interrupt self-pity, wistful thinking and add powerful energy to fuel your dream.

By switching to more uplifting thoughts, over time, they become your new automatic habits and offer you much more peace of mind. If you still own old grudges or resentments toward anyone in your life now or from before that you think has prevented your dream from happening, release those too. Let go of the ‘blame game’ for your life circumstances and reclaim your personal power.

2. Imagine
Your imagination is vast and can expand exponentially, taking you to new heights, new vistas and astound you with its brilliance. That’s if you let it, and give it the okay to fly. Imagine often and dream big because you can.

Creating your desire with your imagination as an ally, strengthens your dream, and helps to create a new habit of birthing your wishful thinking. Yes, birthing it with your mind and your infinite imagination. What can you imagine? Health and vitality to accomplish all you desire? More relationship harmony, or is it more joy, or career satisfaction and reward that you’re after?

Dreaming makes new possibilities bloom. The key is to dream with conscious intent. Call upon your senses and emotions to make the dream more vivid in your mind and dream away!

3. Faith
What you believe can change your situation and add strength to your dream. Own that your dreams are not just possible, they are real! Always remind yourself that you have what it takes to make your dream come alive.

Examine the beliefs you presently have about your dreams and weed out those that interfere like “I don’t deserve,” or “I’m not good enough.” Decide they’re old myths that no longer have a place in your newfound Power Dreaming. They drag you down and don’t give you a realistic picture of how things really are. They can undermine you and thwart your faith if you let them.

Faith is about not giving up. Hold firmly and constantly to your vision even when adversity strikes. Write dreams down or use a Vision Board to enhance. Power Dream your ability to turn those possibilities into realities.

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