One of the most popular national and international courier services offered in Malaysia is Pos Malaysia. The company offers different types of postal services to small and large businesses in the sector. Pos Malaysia started is a public service messaging service started in 1800. Pos Malaysia Berhad has various companies such as Pos Logistics, PosLaju, Pos Internal, Pos Aviation, Pos Ace, DataPos, and PosDigicert.

It offers Various services are offered by Pos Malaysia, including Pos Laju tracking and location services that allow the customer to track and track their package in a timely manner according to their needs. You can also calculate the postage rate according to the national or international courier service.

POS Malaysia Tracking

POS Malaysia Location and Location Services

Tracking Pos Malaysia is one of the largest postal mail services in Malaysia. It offers a wide range of services to customers as does track and trace poslaju. There are different options available for customers such as express mail, General Mail, FlexiPack, international, and national mail services.

1. FlexiPack

This type of mail service is extremely useful for commercial and eCommerce service providers as it offers a flexible packaging option with prepaid and cash on delivery options. The FlexiPack comes with an online tracking option that makes it easier for the customer and the service provider to track the shipment.

2. Express mail service

Pos Malaysia also offers a national and international express delivery service. It ships to more than 232 countries. Pos Malaysia Tracking offers a pick-up and delivery service at very reasonable prices, both at home and abroad. It also offers a tracking option available with door to door transfer with proof of delivery.

3. General mail services

Some of the services include standard mail, non-standard mail, postcards, etc. The standard mail service deliveries the package in an envelope letter. Non-standard mail includes national services which include the delivery of boxes, rolls, and envelopes. Postcards are used for non-commercial purposes and are also equipped with self-adhesive sides with a foldable envelope.

4. International mail

The international mail delivery service lets you send your parcel to other countries. There are various other subcategory options such as mail, packages, and express delivery. The international service is under customs clearance as well as the special pickup and delivery service.

5. express mail

Pos Malaysia Track and Trace offers two delivery options, insured mail, and Pos Express. As part of this service, the sensitive secure package is delivered within one day. It's a quick and convenient way to transfer secure shipments. The transfer is also covered by insurance regardless of the size of the shipment.

How to Track POS Malaysia

Pos Malaysia tracking and location service allows you to keep track of your package anytime and anywhere you want. Tracking the POS Malaysia package is a simple and practical way. Follow the below simple steps mentioned.

In order to track and trace the POS Malaysia expedition, you must visit the official Pos Malaysia website

You can now view the "quick access portal", here you need to enter the POS Malaysia tracking number.

Click the Tracking button and it will clearly display all of your shipment details, including the current status and delivery date of your POS Malaysia tracking mail.

POS Malaysia contact information

The contact details for Pos Malaysia's postal mail service are shown below.




Customer service via PosLine at 1-300-300-300 or by email at

You can connect with official Pos Malaysia using this Poslaju contact number also in case of an emergency.


POS Malaysia Tracking is a popular courier service that allows customers to send their mail across national and international borders. Founded in the early 1800s. Tracking service is also provided for a customer, making it easier for customers to track their package. Pos Malaysia Tracking has a large and extensive network in different locations, which undoubtedly makes it a popular messaging service provider.

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