Regardless of rain or shine; there are heaps of questions that interested customers seem to ask about solar panels every single day. Some even inquire if solar panels are a cure-all for replacing the used energy or not- which is clearly not the case!

This post finally answers some of those key questions that potential customers are seen asking time-after-time.

Follow closely!

1. How to Figure Out the Right Watts and AMP Unit?

Solar panels rate their power outputs in terms of Watts, and as per the norms, around 15 watts unit can deliver 3,600 coulombs (which is equal to 1AH). And this is in direct exposure to sunlight. However; one crucial aspect is that the efficiency of solar panels is greatly affected by overcast skies, improper mounting angles, shadows, short winter days and the equatorial direction.

One should look to procure models that can churn .33AH/hour of direct sunlight, as they are popular units for feeding power to batteries (both single and double powered units) and storage applications.

2. How to Figure Out the Right Portable Solar Panel Size?

The next criterion is finding the right sized solar panel. Obvious to say that one will find a plethora of quality units and that can sometimes make things confusing for a first-time customer. It all boils down to a choice between the user’s power need and the amount of power a unit can produce. The decision needs to be made based on these criterions.

  • How many watts is needed for a set timeline? (One way of knowing this is by using a solar calculator to determine one’s solar power requirement.)
  • The total amount of sunlight that the unit will receive in that time

Ideally; the amount of watt usage (on an average) in summers is around 6 hours, and in winters, it is around 4 hours!

3. Are Solar Panels Resistant to Weather Conditions?

One thing which is guaranteed is that most modern-day portable solar panels in Western Australia are designed for outdoor installation. And for obvious reasons! It is the only way by which these units will receive the max amount of sunlight. Anything lesser and the solar panel will not be able to generate energy at its fullest potential.

4. How Long Will A Quality Portable Solar Panel Last?

The longevity and efficiency of a quality portable solar panel differentiate from one another. Ideally, the life-span of such portable solar panels last between 5 years to 25 years.

One good advice would be to never go for substandard and unreliable solar panels manufactured by local companies.

5. How Much Maintenance Is Required For Solar Panels?

One awesome thing about solar panels in Midvale is that one doesn’t need to put in too much of an effort on its maintenance. If anything, only periodic inspection to keep dust, debris and inspection of electrical connections is all that’s needed. Always remember to keep the unit free from any snow or dust accumulations. It will bring about better results.

These are a few questions that one should ask their solar panel supplier. It will help one get the right unit and also guarantee one full value for their invested money.

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