What is Content Management System (CMS)?
A CMS or a 'Content Management System' is an extremely feasible software used for controlling, editing, organizing and managing your digital content on the web. Management of digital content implies that one can create, alter, archive, publish, distribute, associate, website subject, facts, and statistics. Built, amend issue, website or blog pages. Create, alter, distribute, and suppress articles. Make, change, post, zip press releases or websites. Generate, manipulate, make available, your blogs. Addition of events into a special Event Calendars on your website or other digital content, Altering of Inventories and site description, product narration, product prices, and other such information. A review of all important reports and statistical and factual data can be done.
It is the modern day's most popular and comprehensive software that can be operated without any technical boundaries whatsoever. There are an outstanding number of CMS platforms on the web for digital marketing like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. A CMS handles the scripting and changing of digital contents and primarily supports different users simultaneously in an interactive environment. A CMS exclusively used for designing and building web pages is called the WCMS or Web Control Managing System. It allows website creation, alliance, and operation tools that aid developers with minimal knowledge of web coding and programming languages or tagging/markup languages to generate and control website content.
The CMS is a remarkably user-friendly software tool and has made on-the-go online content modifications like that of blogs, websites, art diaries, etc extremely uncomplicated, cost-effective and time-efficient. It enables multi-user interaction and development, streamlines scheduling, provides extremely easy site maintenance and design changes for your web content. The key feature of a Content Management System is to effortlessly provide for multiple users, the capability to manage different granted levels to manipulate and manage web content like that of a website or a blog. The CMS utilizes an open-source that is extremely user- friendly even for non-technical web developers with no experience in the field, earning it the reputation it rightfully deserves. Now web design in UAE and other prestigious countries couldn't be easier.

Is WordPress a notable CMS?
WordPress is undoubtedly the most preferred CMS due to being open source and easy to manipulate. WordPress is built on PHP & MySQL and has further developed over the decades. WordPress holds a staggering marketing share of 34% of the total websites run online. The software was developed in the 2000s and has since evolved to create perfect websites, blogs, and more socially published media. For WordPress to function it has to be downloaded on a web server and it either has to be working on Internet hosting services like WordPress.com or a computer running the software WordPress.org in order to serve as a network host within its parameters.
The software utilizes plug-ins that enable a user to add more to the existing program thereby allowing easy customizations. WordPress, as of now, has 55,131 plugins for use, each of which fulfills user imposed functions and custom features allowing users to modify their websites, blogs or online portfolios however they desire and including all the features they want. All these customizations vary from search engine optimization to client portals displaying private information to log in users, to content management systems, to content displaying features, etc.
WordPress operators can download and channel among various themes. Themes enable users to alter the way a WordPress website looks and change its functionality without amending the basic code. WordPress users also build and develop their own self-made themes and the benefits of being a WordPress Developer are many given that these are the tech times. WordPress provides free themes and premium themes for website designing. This program also provides an application framework, customizable codes to personalize your web content, blog or online gallery without heavy licensing costs. The many prime websites created using WordPress include Tribune Media Group, Glad, Sony music, etc. This NextGen tech tool allows you to widespread your work and extends your horizons.

Advantages of WordPress
• Extremely feasible and user-friendly worldwide. This nature of the software has helped many grow their business across seas.
• No cost spent on licensing. Express yourself without any price on your words.
• Plug-in extensions allowing model customizations for all WordPress Developer.
• Customizable codes that enable you to perfect your digital content.
• Safe and Secure with inbuilt firewalls and other protective tools like WordPress Auditor and WordPress Sploit and more for a WordPress Developer that analyze vulnerabilities like XSS, LFI, etc.
• Easy modifications like media insertions and alternations.
• Search engine optimizations
• User and group operations.
• Templating support for changing designs
• Installation and upgrade wizards for the timely renewal of your digital content.
• Compliance with different accessibility frameworks aiding you to create better content.
• No need to code from the very beginning. Just modify the existing codes to fit your requirements and needs.
• Unified user experience.

Real-world implementation of WordPress CMS
WordPress has become one of the leading developers for website designing over the decade. This easy, swift and uncomplicated software is universally accommodating to all its users and has been a critically acclaimed tool for generating the best online content like websites and blogs without compromising the quality of each delivered outcome. WordPress has helped masses kick-start their business while also aiding in organizing the same. One of the many benefits of being a WordPress Developer is that you learn earlier than most about online content developing and would already have a strong foothold in the best web design company in Dubai and other IT hubs. The UAE has emerged as the fastest-growing digital economy in recent years with WordPress gaining rapid popularity for the same. The WordPress experience would surely land you a lucrative job in the best web development company in UAE. Designing online content for hi-tech firms both natively and overseas has become a hugely profitable occupation with a majority of youth diverting towards this timeless and effortless profession incorporating cutting-edge technology.

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Hujefa Raja is CEO of Webenliven Solutions LLC one of the leading Digital Marketing & Web Designing companies in Dubai, UAE. He loves to write about the what's happening in the Technology world in his free time.