Going to another country for higher education is undeniably the most crucial step that you can take. However, when you decide to study abroad, your mind is bound to be busy with numerous thoughts. Some of them may be related to the real-world but most of them are nothing but ‘myths’. So, it is more than important for you to take out some time and break these myths to make a pragmatic and informed decision to take the right steps towards your dream country.
Even though you can connect with a study in Australia consultant to know the reality, you can continue reading this post to know the myths about studying abroad which are there to affect your decision and must be broken. So, let us get started!

1. Myth: Going abroad for higher education is an expensive affair

Reality: It is one of the most common myths that should be broken. All study abroad aspirants have to understand that the total expenses of your study abroad dream hugely depend on the country, university/college, course, and degree program you are choosing. Some options are indeed expensive but affordable options are also there. For this, all you need to do is the thorough online research. You can also consult with a study abroad consultant to understand the best options as per your objectives and budget.

2. Myth: Overseas studies are all about fun and enjoyment

Reality: For some students, going abroad for further studies is all about breaking the restrictions and have unlimited fun. In reality, it is an opportunity for you to become independent and acquainted with different cultures, traditions, values, and languages. You can gain knowledge and skills to get new perspectives. But yes, it is important to have a bit of fun too. Just maintain the right balance between fun and studies to make your experience delightful.

3. Myth: Some businesses and employers do not give importance to an international degree

Reality: Keeping the globalization in mind, any international degree from a reputed university/college along with some relevant work experience (if any) is going to be proved beneficial. Simply put, it will not going to affect your employment opportunities at all. An international degree is an opportunity for you to gain more knowledge and develop skills.

4. Myth: To get your international degree, you will need to spend more time

Reality: Again, the duration of your degree depends on the course or program chosen by you. Different overseas universities offer different courses with different duration. So, you are free to select the duration as per your specific learning needs and career goals. However, it is good to do adequate online and in-person research before choosing the country and university for your dream course.

5. Myth: Abroad is not safe for Indian students

Reality: Many incidences have been registered in the past. Consequently, some parents hesitate to send their children to some foreign country for studies. You should understand that not all nations are equal. Countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and Singapore are considered quite safe for Indian students. Additionally, universities and colleges of these countries have all the necessary regulations and processes for the safety of their students. For detailed information related to safety measures and regulations, you can connect with a study abroad counselor in India.


Hopefully, now all your study abroad myths have been busted. In case, you need any other information like IELTS requirement for Australian student visa, admission process, tuition fees, etc., you can search online to find the best and highly skilled study abroad consultant in India.

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Ms. Geeta Pundir is a Sr. admission officer at Academic & Professional Studies Abroad (APSA). At APSA, she plays a vital role in the team of certified Study Abroad Consultants in Chandigarh & Delhi. She has been actively involved in accomplishing dreams of students seeking admission in the best overseas educational institutions.