VATICAN CITY, Sept 8, 2015. During his Sunday sermon at Saint Peter’s Square, Pope Francis spoke of a “forthcoming event in which the earth will be consumed by hellfire from above” and asked Christians around the world to absolve themselves of sin in the days and weeks ahead.

Pope Francis has apparently been visited “on three occasions by heavenly beings” who, most recently, have warned of an “impending crisis” that could have dire consequences for life on earth. The ominous nature of the warning linked at the bottom suggests the possibility of something huge.

Nevertheless, it could be scare tactics because the earth will not be consumed by fire until Christ comes (Rev 19:20) and that’s after seven years of tribulation, marked by seven trumpets that could possibly start on this biblical Feast of Trumpets, September 15–the new moon of the 7th month, Lev 23:24.

If the pope’s warning is timely, we should see significant events Tuesday, September 15 because it’s the Feast of Trumpets which Jews call Rosh Hashanah, though many of them observed it Sunday when the moon is in conjunction before they can even see the moon. The 7th crescent moon since March, should be seen this evening, September 14, about 20 minutes after sunset in the western sky.

The Bible indicates that hail and fire are poured on the earth when the 1st trumpet of end-times sounds, Rev 8:7. That could have US focus for reasons beyond our discussion here.

The pope’s worship of Lucifer is seen at and suggests that his visitors might be a demonic deception as Malachi Martin’s Windswept House could support. Lucifer is the angelic name that Satan had before he rebelled and was thrown out of heaven, Revelation 12:7-9.

It’s not possible for human beings to “absolve themselves of sin” (pope’s statement). We can confess our sins to God and if we want to repent and ask His help to overcome them, He forgives us without money or price like it says in 1John 1:9, and “to them gave He power to become sons of God,” John 1:12.

Another aspect is that the devil is an excellent Bible student and may seek to disclose what he knows is coming so that his side gets the credit. By contrast, the Bible teaches that God will not do anything without revealing it through His servants, the prophets, Amos 3:7. This could mean that if we were better Bible students, we could understand what the prophets revealed, that it’s all written in the Bible.

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