Pope Francis borrows imagery of God amid fire and smoke on Sinai to say God is with us in the good and bad, like his father who carried Francis home after he had his tonsils out.

Yes, God is like that, but there’s a broader picture in the book recommended by Christ when was asked about the end of the world—He told us to understand Daniel in Matthew 24.

Daniel 7 offers an awesome view from the days of Babylon, It includes the next 3 empires, so amazing when we don’t even know if N. Korea will attack us tomorrow? Medo-Persia, Grecia and Rome, represented by a bear, leopard and dragon, followed by a little horn that grew out of the Roman Empire that so well describes the papacy…

Verse 25 shows that horn power persecuting the saints, having great words (Lord God the Pope is one title) and changing times and laws (given on Sinai, but discounted by popes.)

Not mentioned by Francis is the majestic picture of God with a million ministering to Him and 10,000 times 10,000 standing before Him when the “Son of man” (a term used by Christ when on earth) comes to God to receives His kingdom after all those kingdoms.

Also overlooked by Francis is his own snapshot in verses 8 and 11. When the Judgment in verse 9,10 begins, it is in the context of “great words” by the horn (papacy).

How about the pope coming to the US Congress with the answer to global warming and the economy—telling us to close businesses on Sunday to save greenhouse gases so people can attend the eucharist.

But his church dominated Latin America for centuries with poverty and ignorance and far less greatness than the US that saved the world when the papacy had signed a concordat with Hitler to make the world Catholic when he won the war, as Italy and Spain (Catholic nations) were part of Hitler’s war machine. This nation became great, but not by Catholic teaching. It was founded by Protestants who fled the papal persecution in the Old World.

Yes, ‘great words’ is the context of when ‘the judgment was set and the books were opened’ so that Pope Francis is included in an impending judgment that will give power, first to God’s side in Rev 11:1-7 to shut heavens (like Elijah) before the beast of New World Order is given power and the pope rides that beast (a term used in prophecy to represent earthly governments), seen in Revelation 17.

Where can we find a picture so succinct and accurate as the Bible offers—its record is so well-supported by history. Shouldn’t we learn from history before trusting world leadership to the United Nations and pope?

Even in the face of Rwandan genocide when a million Protestant Tutsis were slaughtered, the UN bowed to the pope and ordered UN troops in Rwanda to ‘stand down’ and let the local (pro-Catholic) government handle it. And after a million died, 20-some years later, Rwanda gets an apology. The documentaries on YouTube are horrific.

To consider the United Nations or the pope for world leadership is a mark of ignorance—ignoring both history and Scripture. But prophecy shows the world will be ignorant—it will ignore the frequent news of sexual assaults by priests and the corruption of the Vatican bank as millions believe the church offers ‘salvation’ when so many reports of sexual assault show that the priests do not have salvation in their own lives and a person cannot convey what he does not have.

This is not against sincere Catholic Christians who live their faith according to what they know. But the church teaches so little Bible which calls all to come out of Babylon (confused systems of society that include religion) that we receive not of her plagues that will fall in the end-times soon. Revelation 17 and 18.

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