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Having poor credit is a part of life for some people. No one sets out to have bad credit, but for some people it just happens. Maybe they had a good job and lost their job one day. Maybe they had a medical problem that caused them to have to change their hours or profession. A divorce, a break up, or any number of reasons can be the cause of someone having bad credit. But the fact remains at the end of the day a person probably still needs a decent set of wheels to get around in the town they live, right? So, what is a person to do when they have poor credit, but still need a loan to buy a car? Sure, you can try calling a car dealership and talking to someone over the phone. But let me save you time. They will promise you the moon and stars just to get you on their car lot. Even let you test drive a car so you fall in love with it. Then after they run your credit and find out your credit is poor the smiles fade and the 20%+ interest rate comes out and a $600 car payment is presented to you. Rather than deal with all the a much easier way to get a car loan is to apply online for a car loan. Getting a car loan online is a lot easier than you think. All you need to do is just go the JustGetMeApproved.com and fill out their quick and simple form with some info. Your info is securely sent to the network of lenders they work with. From there several lenders will contact you and let you know what they are willing to lend to you and at what interest rate, and tell you what your payment will be. Let them all contact you and write down their offers. Then at the end of the day you can pick the one you want to work with. Doesn’t that sound a lot better than going to a car dealership and being pressured into a 20%+ car loan by some finance manager? It sure does to me.

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Having poor credit is a part of life for some people.