Creating an up to date CV from scratch can be quite a daunting project. It can take many hours getting all the necessary information together concerning your past schooling, career, and past events and hobbies. Once the CV has been created many Job hunters are only too eager to get the document in an envelope and posted to the relevant address - missing out on the most important part of the process.

Once you have all the facts, you need to “Polish” your work in order to ensure that the document is not only easily readable for the prospective employer, it needs to highlight your positive aspects and appears professional. So before you send your CV – give yourself a break – and then go back to it again.

Highlight your Most Positive points

Every job you go for will have different needs and requirements but that doesn’t mean you need to re-write your CV every time you are going for a new position. First of all ensure that facts are updated from the previous time you used it (i.e. latest employment and reason for leaving). Then you need to give the impression that the CV was written for the Job you are going for. So using the Job Description and the person specification make sure that all requirements and personal attributes are outlined in the CV.

There will always be an underlying message from a CV. Never be encouraged to make false statements. You may forget what you have written or you may have difficulty in backing it up in a future situation. Make sure the facts that evidence the points on the person specification are dynamic – truthful – and compelling. In other words don’t just say you increased sales, state how you did it. i.e. by 70% over 6 months.

Keep the Employer in mind

It’s often useful to imagine yourself actually talking to the employer as if you were doing a sales pitch. Research the company you are going to work for so you can bring that information to the table in your supporting statement and covering letter.

Use Keywords and Buzzwords

Straight facts can be quite dry and boring and just like you lift a sales pitch by using the right words, you need to do the same with your CV. So be aware of the industry you will be going to work for, and update yourself on current jargon. This will give recruiters the impression that you understand the business and are experienced enough to use the terminology easily.

Proof Read

It is important your CV reflects your professionalism so proof read it before you send it. Format it to highlight important points, and use bullet points to create concise lists. Check all spelling and all grammar is correct.

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