To make money as an Amazon affiliate you need to have your own personal website or blog. The reason for this is, you want to be able to utilize the tools and plugins WordPress makes available to you. Remember, you don't want to have to work hard but smarter. without these tools and plugins you would be having to reload your website/blog everyday with the products you intend to promote as an Amazon affiliate.

There's ways to accomplish these feats without ever having to touch your PC. Everything can be totally automated for you if you know the little secrets that all the smart Amazon affiliates are utilizing to make their affiliate business very successful for them. They use these tools and plugins to their advantage. You have to learn to follow in their footsteps if you want to get where they are in your success.

For example--did you know there's a plugin that you can install on WP website/blog that will upload all the best selling products in your "niche" every 24 hours without you having to do anything? This little amazing tool is a must for all serious Amazon affiliates. Whatever your "niche" product, this amazing tool gathers all the new information from Amazon daily and then seperates what's the best sellers in your "niche" and the uploads these products to your site on complete automation.

Affiliate marketing taken to next level. As an affiliate you have to keep up with the changing trends in technology and marketing strategies if you are to succeed online as an Amazon affiliate. You have to be willing to stay up on these changes so you will not get left behind in the ever changing marketing trends.

As an Amazon affiliate you can begin branching out in your business into other "niches" bringing in more money to your business. These simple plugins that you can install in less than five minutes can allow you to start concentrating on other aspects of your business because they have relieved you of the burdens of trying to stay up to date with what is selling and what's not.

There's a woman on Amazon that makes a million dollars a month as an Amazon affiliate. How does she do this you may be thinking? She has built a quality website in the top “niches” on Amazon. She also has the ability to automate her business so it does the hard work for her. She's very smart when it comes to affiliate marketing…

You can accomplish great results also if you take the time to learn the “ins and outs” of how affiliate marketing is done. For example, there's a WP plugin that automates your business for you. What it does is whatever “niche” product you are promoting, it uploads all the best selling products every 24 hours automatically for you without you ever having to touch your PC. How cool is that. The best part is, it only cost $9.95. Yep! You read it correctly.

You also get master resale rights to the plugin so you can resale it. Oh, I forgot to mention-- it comes with an already done for you sales page and squeeze page so you can build a list from it. All this for a meager $9.95.

So, with that being said, you can see how the top Amazon affiliates make their “big bucks.” They utilize every tool available to them so they can automate their business so they can concentrate on other aspects of their business. That's how Amazon affiliates make huge payouts on Amazon. Being able to maintain consistent visitors that turn into long term buying prospects because you are able to keep the products fresh everyday through automation.


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