Gasification is one of the processes of waste-to-energy that minimizes trash and creates a new product. The products can be either electricity, fuel or both which are an element of energy. Biomass gasification is an older version of gasification which was used since 1800s. The material that was used for this process is wood that is why the product is termed as “woodgas.” The fuel or gas produced from the wood residue of forest and the agricultural sector was then gasified to create gas for cooking and lightning towns. But this kind of waste-to-energy technology is very old and obsolete. The result is inefficiency to convert waste to synthesis gas and a large percent of the product becomes wasted.

Plasma gasification is the advanced waste-to-energy gasification process which greatly helps in processing waste to provide electricity and fuel. It provides economic gain and environmental security. It is not limited to gas that can be used for cooking but it can also provide fuel and electricity for power plants. Plasma gasification is pollution-free and carbon-free which makes it a “green” waste-to-energy procedure because it can eliminate air and water pollution.

Plasma gasification has two types, plasma arc and plasma torch. Plasma arc is a process wherein an electrical arc is struck between two electrodes with the use of an arc-welding type of machine. There is no formation of ash or burning in this kind of plasma gasification. Plasma torch is an arc that is struck between a copper electrode and slag or an opposite polarity of electrode. It is a highly destructive form of plasma gasification which can treat any kinds of waste material even with minimal or no pretreatment but it produces a stable waste form. Plasma gasification can work either with organic and inorganic waste materials.

Plasma gasification is the solution from being dependent to landfills as a way to throw our waste. Landfills are coming to an end and will become extinct in the near future. Since there are limited areas and location that can be used for landfills, plasma gasification is easing and solving this concern. There are rallies and reclamations that is happening nowadays in terms of landfill sanitation because of the health risk that it is imposing to the public. Waste-to-energy like plasma gasification is ending the dangers of landfills. Aside from waste-to-energy procedure that plasma gasification provides, it can also produce slag or inert solid that can be used for road and building materials.

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