Plaque on the tongue may be a consequence of certain diseases developing in the human body. This was reported by researchers from the University of Cambridge. According to scientists, plaque is harmless and does not carry any danger, but can increase bad breath and signal diseases of the body. If you find a white plaque on the tongue, then it’s time to seriously examine your health.

Types of Plaque on the Tongue

White tongue plaque
A white plaque on the tongue appears when bacteria or fungus actively proliferate in the oral cavity, and their dead cells stick together and get stuck between the taste buds on the tongue. The incursion usually gathers at the root of the tongue and from there it spreads to the sides - this is its normal state.

As a rule, the plaque becomes larger if you have caught an upper respiratory infection or thrush. And if you cure the underlying disease, then the plaque itself will disappear. Sometimes the cause of such a coating is constantly inflamed tonsils.

Smoking increases the likelihood that plaque will accumulate on the tongue. By the way, the white bacterial plaque may stain and darken from smoking, but in essence, it will not change. The plaque itself is not harmful and does not carry any danger, but can increase the unpleasant smell from the mouth. There is only one option - to look for the reason why it appeared and eliminate it. An otolaryngologist can help with this.

Black tongue plaque
This is probably the case when the phenomenon is disgusting and terrible, but harmless. Black, gray or dark brown plaque, as a rule, does not simply color the tongue, but also creates the illusion of "fur", as if the tongue is overgrown with mold or black lichen. Sometimes you can feel a change in taste in the mouth or an unpleasant smell.

The dead cells of the epithelium, which accumulated on the taste buds and were attacked by bacteria, are to blame for this. This is a temporary phenomenon that will pass by itself if you brush your teeth and tongue twice a day.

White plaque with red spots and cracks
This is not exactly a raid, but a particular case of glossitis (inflammation of the tongue). In this disease, the taste buds become flat and visually merge, forming spots resembling continents and seas. They can even move through different parts of the tongue.

Geographic tongue may have a nuisance: sick, sensitive to food. But to do with it, however, nothing can be done except to leave it alone and to engage in oral hygiene. If in a few days the symptoms do not go away and interfere with eating, you should contact the best Brooklyn dentist.

What If the Whole Tongue Changes Color
The raid usually differs in that it does not capture the entire tongue, but only a part of it, closer to the middle, although sometimes it is a spot that increases in size. As we already discussed, in most cases this does not bear any health consequences.

But if the whole tongue has changed color, then this is one of the diagnostic signs of some diseases:

- A very bright, grayish tongue with ulcers on it can be a signal of syphilis.
- A pale pink tongue may indicate anemia.
- Crimson tongue happens with scarlet fever.
- Bright red - Coxsackie virus disease, vitamin B3 deficiency or general inflammation of the tongue.

How to Treat Plaque on the Tongue
In most cases, plaque on the tongue is not required to treat, because it is not a disease. To help get rid of it, ordinary oral hygiene should be enough. And if normal hygiene does not help, then you need to consult a dentist and decide what you can to your hygiene routine.

To help prevent plaque formation on your tongue, drink more water because one of the reasons for the formation of a dense plaque is dehydration. During the day, try to eat something hard and juicy, such as apples or raw carrots. Try not to breathe through your mouth if you have such a bad habit. And if the nose is stuffed up, use nose drops.

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