Pest controlling services are almost a diurnal affair for every home. Those pesky little organisms come and trot around one’s house making it a mess! Though most of the homeowners, landlords and renters control it to a certain extent via preventive measures as – proper maintenance and sanitation practices. However, certain pest infestations are extensive and thereby require services of professionals.

Now that you have to select pest control services to ensure that your house turns back into a home, here are certain pointers that you must note. To start off with – look for Value and Quality. Along with that, competency and cost issues are notable points.

Well, now that you are at the verge of choosing a service, here are some of the important set of queries. Scroll down!

What questions you must ask a pest control service?

To start off with, here are certain queries that you must ask your pest control services before finalising a deal with them. Here’s the details –

  1. For how many years have they been in business at their current address?
  2. Get clarity about the licenses – whether it is pesticide applicator or even a technician.
  3. Would the concerned company provide you with details of their pest control licenses and rates at which these will be applied?
  4. Do ask them whether they will provide you with the list of references?

Make sure that you as a buyer of this service do your homework well. If the concerned pest control service promises to provide you with these details, then you will have to cross-check the same and then get back to them. Also, taking a note or two from their testimonials is of supreme importance and it will only help you better your situation.  

The ‘red alert’ for any company

With all the queries and details in due, here are some of the most important points that you cannot miss out. If the concerned company is planning for any of these, you need to immediately rush out of that place –

  1. Those that put forth a package deal – general home or garden repairing done with pest control treatment. It’s not as good as it sounds!
  2. Specifically targets elderly people (as per testimonials) and goes in for door-to-door selling policy.
  3. The ones that pressurize you into signing a contract with them on an immediate basis.
  4. Quotes a per-gallon price or offers to reduce prices immediately post the conversation.

Your work –

Given that you have the specifics of the company with you, here are some of the steps that you will have to take to ensure complete support on your part.

  • Do not allow your pets or children to roam into areas until the spray has completely dried up.
  • If you have an aquarium at your home, do turn off its air pump or cover it completely with a plastic shield.

As a parting shot, one must remember that it is the cooperation between the homeowner and pesticide company that will help save your home. Hence, take the right steps to better your home.


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There is a true story behind the start of Gayaka Pesto. One of the Director’s, Mr. Sarang Kelkar himself was suffering severely with problem of bedbugs in his house. After experiencing many sleepless nights and after wasting money and time on the number of bedbug treatments, he did not get any result.