Human relationships are enhanced by setting a new mental equivalent and practicing mindfulness. We can do this in at work, at home, or any place we wish to ‘rise higher.’ Changing your thought patterns will elevate your energy and attract new and better conditions in your life. But when it comes to making positive change, some of us need advice on how to adjust our thinking to make it happen. How do we attract new and powerful opportunities in our lives?

Have Clarity and Passion

To consciously co-create an empowered life, we must have clarity and passion for what we want. It is the secret to demonstrating any idea or thought pattern as our real-world reality. Emmet Fox, a New Thought minister in the 1940’s, encouraged people to change a perceived reality by making positive mental statements. He believed the foundation for all productive expression is positive thinking.

Emmet used the phrase “mental equivalent”. To create the equivalent of every experience or object in the physical world we much change the thought to which it corresponds. We must have a conscious awareness of our daily thought processes to make change in our external environment. You receive that for which you provide the mental equivalent for. It could be anything - abundance, a loving relationship, or excellent health. Energy attracts similar energy and conditions. Establishing connectivity to Spirit or your spiritual source, he said, was your unlimited supply. This concept was also taught by many mystics – including Rumi, Jesus, the Buddha, Gandhi, and many others across all wisdom traditions.

The reason, Emmet used to say, that we do not have world peace is that humanity still has a mental equivalent for strife and scarcity. Until we unseat our need to have war and poverty, we will remain a world community with war and poverty. This mental equivalent, he said, begins within each individual. It is our inner reality, where our potential resides.

How do we build a new mental equivalent to attract success and positive change in our lives?

1. Use Clarity and Passion when visualizing a new goal. Clarity is to know what you want precisely. Passion is the positive energy and feeling you project outward about what you want. These are the key ingredients to create anything new and wonderful! If you only think about a new job once in awhile and don’t have any consistency or passion for what you visualize, you won’t get any results. It must be consistent to change your consciousness, a steady broadcast.

2. Be aware of negative thinking and seek to turn it around. Worry, self doubt, and the lack of feeling connected to your Source can be unseated with sustained awareness and discipline of what enters your mind. You have a choice about what to think every day. Use it to your advantage.

3. Use auspicious language. When I was in India, the monks emphasized the use of positive language. They said swearing, slamming people, criticizing others, or nasty speech carries a negative energy charge that is released and sets more negativity into motion. Energetically pull yourself up by using positive, loving language.

4. Change your ideas and attitudes about work activities. Work is about offering a larger community your special talents. You download your gift from the matrix. Nobody can do it like you because you are a unique rendition of God, an individualized spark of divine creation. When you offer this to your family, organization, neighborhood, or community in a positive exchange, you light everyone up by raising the group’s vibration. That is what work is, so stop complaining about it. Rejoice in your ability to work. With this attitude, you will naturally attract more opportunity because light and positivity attracts opportunity and love.

Success in any corner of our lives is always articulated and precise. With a little discipline, self love, and mindfulness we can easily broadcast our intentions to the universe. So, let’s begin our day with an affirmation that will help us be mindful of the clarity and passion we need to make positive change. Let’s affirm:
“Today I begin a new, higher level of self-awareness of what I am attracting in my life. When I desire a better career, I hold thoughts of working in a loving environment with people who recognize my creativity. My new position feels like a rich, life experience because it is filled with love and joy. I am mindful of my Source, which is unlimited. I am filled with potential.”

Every Blessing,

Charlene Proctor

Author's Bio: 

Charlene M. Proctor is author of Let Your Goddess Grow! and The Women’s Book of Empowerment. Her newest title The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You merges Eastern and Western viewpoints on spiritual development. By revisiting the basics in the New Testament gospels and the Oneness teachings from India, she shows that your life can become a process of deepening your relationship to the whole, no matter your wisdom tradition.