Everyone has seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I know I saw them because Johnny Depp was in them, but my kids saw them for the treasure hunts and action scenes. Now I’m watching the movies again for party theme ideas. This is the perfect theme for a party and all the kids LOVE it.

For a fun day with the kids and their friends we planned a Pirates of the Caribbean treasure hunt day. All the clues and hints came right from the movie. Everybody dresses up and talks in the accent and everything. It’s so entertaining just to hear 10 –year-olds pretend they’re some type of British pirate. I started by making a map on an old newspaper. I stained it with coffee and burned the edges. I then wrote on it with a thick black sharpie so you can clearly see over the newsprint and stain. It makes the map look old and the kids really get a kick out of it.

The next steps are really up to you. Make the map of your house or your neighborhood or the park down the street. Be sure to use pirate words and sayings. Your car outside might be the “Black Pearl” for example.

This is a really fun and cost friendly party. You should be able to find all the supplies right in your own house. The hardest part is picking a date to have the treasure hunt. The rest is all fun and games!



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