First and foremost, let’s get down to the basics. Green slips are a type of CTP insurance policy. CTP or Compulsory Third Party insurances are a form of personal insurance which insures you against injury or death in a car accident which was partially or completely someone else's fault. So, ideally, all vehicles should be CTC insured before they can be registered and legally on the road. If you forget to renew your green slip, in case your uninsured car is met with an accident, you could very well be held liable for any deaths or injuries to others on the road.

On the other hand, an investigation that’s done to a vehicle before you are allowed to renew its registration is known as a pink slip type of inspection. This inspection is mandatorily required for all those vehicles which are more than a few (read five) years old, the vehicles which have undergone any kind of modification, or those vehicles which have been presented with a defect notice. Even in cases when you are planning to purchase a second hand or used vehicle, it’s very important that you get a pink slip inspection done. Kismet Mechanical is an authorised centre who is engaged in carrying out pink slip investigations for all kinds of vehicles. They run your car through various checks and safety tests, upon the completion of which, you vehicle is all legally safe and road-worthy.

Know the differences and comparison between a pink and green slip

Now, just as we mentioned before, grip slips and pink slips have quite a few differences in between, and it’s not just the colour-specific name. Though both of these are equally important and legal documents, both serve quite different purposes. Both of these are controlled by the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) and come quite in handy, regarding registration matters of your vehicle. You could call for any authorized mobile car services that will come to your help when you need to a pink/green slip.

1. Definition: A green slip is a CTC insurance policy, which covers for the people who are injured or killed in road accidents. However, a pink slip is a certain document which validates the state and current condition of your vehicle. It basically inspects a vehicle and proclaims its readiness for the road.

2. Requirement: A green slip is compulsory for all the vehicle in the state, and you have no other choice, but to acquire this document if you want to drive your car on the streets of your country, and more so when you are a resident of Australia. A pink slip, on the other hand is not mandatory for all vehicles. This is required only when your car is more than five years old or if you receive an “inspection required” notice from the RMS.

3. Registration: Both of these are related to the registration of your vehicle, but in spate ways. You need a green slip whenever you are registering a vehicle, be it an old or new one. Without this document, it’s quite unlikely that your vehicle shall get registered. A pink slip, however, is required only when you renew your vehicle’s registration and you are presented with a renewal notice. Until and unless you get this inspection done, you can’t sell or drive your old, unregistered car around.

4. Exceptions: You need to buy a green slip, before you can register your vehicle, excluding trailers, caravans, and trail bikes. And you need a pink slip for vehicles other than tow trucks, mobile cranes, motorcycles, and vehicles having air braking systems.

5. Rules: The green slip is a mere kind of insurance, and the vehicle doesn’t need to go through any kinds of safety checks. The pink slip on the other hand, is a type of inspection and if a certain vehicle fails it, the owner gets 14 days to fix and repair the problems pointed out, and go for the inspection again.

So, these were all that you ever needed to know about the pink and green slips, and how they are different from each other. Though each of them is equally important and legal, they come in use at different points of your vehicle’s life. But be it green or pink, you can’t simply take your pick, you need both.

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