Wedding is the most special event in a bride’s life. She chooses the best bridal gown, wedding accessories, appropriate veil, and the perfect wedding shoes to look the most beautiful woman on her special day.  There is no woman who does not have the desire to choose the best wedding shoes that will compliment her wedding dress as well as accessories.

Choosing the suitable pair of shoes is similar to cherry on the cake. It enhances your attire perfectly. Style and cost can are the main aspects of purchasing a pair of wedding shoes, and to fulfil both the aspects you need to make a wise choice.

  • The Heel Length Of Your Silhouettes Complementing Your Wedding Get-Up

Depending upon the cut of your wedding dress, you need to consider the heel length. If you are not so much comfortable in wearing big heels, you can choose an average heel length so that it doesn’t cause discomfort while walking. Some brides overlook this aspect and end up with embarrassing moments on the big day. Choosing the right heel size is essential; otherwise, it would be difficult to manage your veil, bridal dress. Moreover, chances of slipping down the aisle will increase that can spoil the entire ambience.

  • Material Of Your Shoes Is Vital For A Soothing Experience

Does your bridal wear in Melbourne have heave embellishments? Is it loaded with intricate embellishments and luxe lacework? Well, in that case, stone studded shoes may look awkward. Among the range of bridal shoes that are available, lace, suede, and satin are the most preferred ones. So if your wedding gown has intricate lacework, it’s better to opt for shoes that have lacework at the sidings. If your wedding is scheduled during winter, then it would be wise to choose suede that can provide comfort to your feet the whole day long.

  • Choose A Pair That Provides Comfort To Your Feet

When it comes to wedding dress and accessories, comfort matters the most. After all, you can’t splurge on things that are difficult to carry or unable to spruce up your wedding look. Wedding shoes are one among the important considerations as you would have to carry them for the entire day. That is why it’s important to invest in comfortable wedding shoes that can protect your feet from sore or corns that may develop on toes. It’s better to try a couple of pairs to determine the most comfortable fit and select a soft material that would not cause itches on your delicate feet.

  • Maintain Coherence with Groom’s Attire To Show A Perfect Match

Maintaining coherence with the groom’s attire is vital. Above all other considerations, the groom's height is a major thing to consider when buying wedding shoes. Depending upon the height of the groom, you need to select the heel length of your wedding shoes. If you opt for high-heel silhouettes, you might look even taller than the groom which can turn out to be hilarious. If you can’t decide which shoes to buy that can complement your wedding dress in Melbourne, you can seek advice from the designers who can guide you with pro suggestions.

Concluding Words

Hence, keep in mind the above-mentioned tips to avoid any kind of confusion in purchasing your wedding shoes. For further assistance in choosing the best wedding shoes consult a professional wedding dress designer.

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The author is a renowned designer of wedding dress in Melbourne and has designed a couple of bridal wear in Melbourne for celebrities.