Physiotherapy tape, or Physio Tape is also known as Kinesio Tape – it is the brightly coloured tape that you see many professional athletes wearing – normally brightly coloured but it is available in the less obvious black or white.

Many footballers use Physio tape and if you recently watched the Olympics you would have seen many sports teams and individuals utilising the tape to assist in performing at their highest level.

The main uses of Physio tape relate to sports and sporting injuries which due to the huge media exposure has put Physio tape in peoples thoughts. Physiotherapists now widely use the tape across the world for many reasons, the main being:

1. To provide support or restrict movement in an area

2. To improve the function of the area being taped

3. To improve circulation to tissues

4. To provide some level of feedback to an area

The science Behind Physio tape.

The science behind Physio tape has been questioned in many articles and in the press but is still being used to great effect. There is actually no difference between the colours of the Kinesio tape, despite the extensive range of Kinesio tape. The special property of Physio tape is that it has the same elasticity as the skin, which is normally around 130-140%.

How To Use Physio Tape.

There are several different ways that Physio tape can be used. There are four main ways that Physio tape can be cut and used on the body. The ‘Y’ Physio tape, which can be used for bigger muscles. The ‘X’ Physio tape is used on the spine. The ‘wave form’ is used over swollen joints. The ‘I’ tape can be used in many different locations on the body. It is very important to cut the edges. Rounding the Physio tape’s edge prevents clothing from catching on the corners.

Physio tape has also been used to treat children and adults with severe neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, to help improve motor control of certain areas. The logic behind this actually does make sense but there is a distinct need for hard science to back up the claims made by therapists who use Physio tape and Kinesio tape for this purpose. A quick Internet search on the uses of Physio tape returns some interesting and diverse uses of the tape. Below are some examples of how Physio tape has been used in the management of people with varying conditions, from speech impediments due to motor development abnormality to muscular imbalances causing knee pain, and shin splints.

Research on Physio Tape Is Increasing

As Physio tape becomes increasingly accessible to the public, as opposed to just medical professionals, research is continuing into how the tape is best put to use. Whilst sportspeople are using Kinesio tape to protect and aid existing niggles, research is showing that the recommended application of Kinesio tape is significantly improving the explosive power of the gluteus maximus. However, other research is demonstrating the potential benefits of Kinesio taping in other biological and medical fields. The effects of using Kinesio tape on respiratory muscle strength continues to be explored, whilst more serious medical conditions such as Lymphedema, a condition that can stem from breast cancer, are seeing the benefit of treatments involving Kinesio tape.

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