The Philippines is not a new name in the business process outsourcing game. From virtual assistant services to full-on software development and app development, The Philippines have been establishing itself as one of the most reliable outsourcing destinations for both companies and startups all over the world.

With their fluency in English and hardworking nature, they have always been in high demand.

In this article, I am going to share with you some of the most reputable Call centers in the Philippines. But, before we dive into it, let me share with you some of the major metrics that we use to rank these websites from 1 to 10.

Here's is a list of metrics:
• Average customer ratings
• Years of experience
• Customer testimonial
• Team members
• List of services included

Furthermore, we will keep updating this list from time to time. If you find any outdated links or wish to list your company in this list, please drop a comment requesting the same in the comment section below. We will note it down and consider it when updating this article in the future.


Triniter is a top-rated business process outsourcing company that deals with call centers and other processes in Philippines. At the time of writing this article, they have been awarded by countless companies such as Sprout Flowers, The Famous Software Company,, RunwayDesignWear, and WoodBows USA.

With more than a 100-customer service executive trained in dealing with national and international customers, Trinity has proved to be one of the best call centers in the Philippines. Which compelled us to rank them as the top offering in this list as well.

If we talk about their services, they provide customer service support, back-office support, and also help you out with automation and AI.
With enterprise application-level security, 10+ years of experience in the field of customer interaction and relationship building, and 24/7 support, Triniter has undoubtedly emerged as the most sought-after call center in the Philippines.

Accenture Inc

Accenture's Philippines' division has been providing companies, startups, and corporates across the globe with superior quality call center services for ages. They are also one of the longest-running Business Process Outsourcing companies in the world. Having a presence in almost every continent on the planet, you can have peace of mind when hiring and working with them.

Currently, they offer call center services and other business process services in the following industries:
• Finance and accounting
• Sourcing and procurement
• Compliance as a service
• Banking
• Supply chain
• Marketing
• Talent and HR
• Health
• Virtual Tours

Long story short, if you have a business that needs coverage across many continents, Accenture might be the outsourcing partner you are looking for.

Convergys Philippines Services Corp

Convergys is an international business process outsourcing company that provides a range of call center services including, customer support, technical support, and more.

With talented executives working day and night to help their clients chase targets and fulfill after-sales support inquiries, Convergys Philippines Services Corp. has established itself as a solid and reliable software outsourcing company.

They serve the following industries including:
• Virtual assistant services
• Customer service
• Technical support
• Design and Graphics
• Digital marketing
• Finance and accounting
• Lead generation and sales
• Automotive
• Healthcare
• Communications
• Technology
• Hospitality

The one aspect that sets them apart from others in the list is the fact that their team consists of engineers and IT professionals who go through rigorous sorting procedures before handling client projects and customers.

24/7 Customer Philippines Inc.

As the name suggests, 24/7 Customer Philippines Inc. primarily deals with customer support, logistic calls, and similar outsourcing work. They have a team of workers who help an array of industries including but not limited to:
• Finance
• Booking and appointments
• Virtual assistant services
• Real estate
• Marketing
• Telecommunication

Over the course of 5+ years, they have gathered many awards and trophies such as Top technology companies in the Philippines by CEO awards, Hall of fame (top exporter of the year), and Outstanding leader in Asia award.

Telephilippines Inc

Telephilippines is owned by Teleperformance Group which operates over 110K workstations across the globe. With employees who speak 36 languages and dialects, Telephilippines Inc offers top-notch services in the Philippines.

Launched in the Philippines back in 1996, Telephilippines has been proudly servicing the whole nation without breaking a sweat. Their continued success throughout 24 years of continuous operation is a translation to their hard work and excellence.

At the moment of writing this article, they are helping people in the following areas:
• Customer care
• Technical support
• Sales
• Social media
• Chat
• Account receivable
• Interpretation and translation
• Back office support
• Content moderation
• Finance and accounting
• HR Services
• Visa and consular services
• Analytics
• Intelligent Automation
• CX Consulting
• Digital platforms
• CX Lab
• Cloud Campus
• And more.

Stream International Global Services Philippines Inc.

Located in the Worldwide Corporate Center, Manila, Stream International Global Services Philippines Inc. is a full-service software outsourcing company that deals with customer support, technical support, marketing, back-office support, after-sales support, and more.

Currently, they have more than 5000 employees working for them which makes them a versatile business process outsourcing company.

Furthermore, they have also been rated 4.0/5 on which is a workplace rating platform. A high rating stats that Steam International Global Services Philippines Inc. is not only a good company to work with but also a suitable entity to start your professional journey.
Sitel Philippines Corp.

Sitel Philippines Corp. is a customer experience company that offers high-quality BPO and call center services in retail, travel & hospitality, technology, Government, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, banking & financial services and communications, media & entertainment.

Sitel Philippines Corp. is also one of the largest companies listed here with over 90,000 employees and 50 languages.

Their services include:
• Customer experience improvement
• HR and team management
• Improve call deflection
• Reduce customer support calls
• Leverage data to improve your performance and structure
• Digital transformation

On top of serving these industries with top-notch services, they also educate likeminded people via their authority blog.

Sykes Marketing Services Inc.

Skykes Marketing Services Inc. is not a new name in the call center industry. They have been serving the Philippines for over 20 years. As of now, they have offices and presence in over 65 locations worldwide and can offer services in 30+ languages.

Communications, Financial services, leisure, healthcare, technology, and transportation are some of the many niches they offer their services in.


LogicaCMG was found in 1976. Since then, they have been providing international brands and corporate entities with high-quality call center services. From customer support to financial services, LogicaCMG can help you take care of the entire after-sales support and call center related tasks such as back-office support, virtual assistant related services, and more.
CIENCE Technologies

CIENCE Technologies is a B2B lead generation company that helps thousands of businesses across the globe is serving their customers in a better way. With more than 850 clients and a team of talented, hard-working individuals, CIENCE Technologies can help you grow your business and manage your customer services and back-office support so you can focus on growing and promoting your business.

Launched in 2015, Helpware quickly transformed into a reliable workhorse in the field of customer service and other call center related services. At the time of writing this article, Helpware has 8 offices in the USA, Ukraine, Mexico, Philippines, and Germany.
Open Access BPO

Open Access BPO is the fastest growing call center in the Philippines. I have been around for over 10 years and have been providing services to big multinational giants such as Amazon, Lyft, Uber, TripAdvisor, and more.

Call center services also include customer service support, tech support, and phone support which makes them a versatile company.

Enshored is an Inc 5000 company that's located in 5 different locations in the Philippines. From customer support to back-office help, Enshored ensures that your business runs smoothly while they deal with repetitive and tedious customer support tasks with ease and grace.

Unity Communications

Certified provider of AT&T, rated one of the top B2B companies by, 5/5 on Glassdoor and The Manifest, Unity Communications has established itself by offering high-quality call center services such as E-Commerce support, telecom, and carrier sales, technology tier 1 support, help desk, and customer service support and healthcare BPO.


As the name suggests, Callbox is a great call center company that can help you manage high-value contact and accounts, lead generation and sale appointments, and many other IT related services.
Although they can help you with call center related tasks, you can also depend on them for a complete lead generation solution to help you upscale your business without spending too much money hiring local talent.


IdeasUnlimited's call center support services have been around for over 9 years now and it has been serving many high profile clients.
They are perhaps the only company in this list with the most versatile services and features including:
• VoIP Solutions
• Telemarketing & Lead Generation
• Cross-selling & UpSelling
• Order Processing
• Healthcare Call Center
• Multilingual support
• Administrative support
• Technical support
• Answering services
• Billing & collections
• Webinar hosting
• Survey & market research

Acquire BPO

Established back in 2005, Acquire BPO can help you scale your business with the help of highly talented individuals and on-site employees who are fluent in English. They call center services to include:
• Contact center
• Back office
• Automation and AI

So, if you are looking for a BPO company to handle your customer support, get in touch with Acquire BPO today.

Some FAQs Regarding Call Centers and Call Center Companies in the Philippines

Question: What are the metrics used to rank these websites?
Answer: We use a number of metrics including years of experience, overall satisfaction rate, clients, office locations, team members, and the capability to serve at least one call center related task.

Question: How do you hire these companies?
Answer: You can either visit their website or get in touch with them on Linkedin. Some multinational companies don't have a functioning website but you can definitely find them listed in Google.

Question: How can these companies help my business?
Answer: Call centers have been the backbone of many product-centric businesses such as telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, and consumer products. A customer purchases a product in the hopes of getting decent customer support. If you are able to provide a satisfactory after-sales experience, chances are that you'll see them buy more products from your arsenal.

Question: Will they be able to help and answer to native English speaking customers?
Answer: Yes, every company listed here hires qualified individuals who go through a rigorous sorting process. Only the most talented and educated people are hired to interact with customers.

Questions: Do we need to train their employees and virtual assistants before they start accepting calls?
Answer: Yes, in some cases, you will have to give them some sort of industry training before they can dive into live call handling. Every business is different and unique in many aspects. So, you should definitely train the call center employees or team leaders so that they can handle your customers without putting them on-hold multiple times.


In this article, we have listed the top 10 call centers in Philippines. If you are looking for a call center to offload your customer support or hire some extra minds to deal with after-sales support, you can use any of these listed companies to scale your business without spending too much time or money into this direction.

Just to make sure that you get the best call centers in Philippines, I have also mentioned at least one portfolio item from every call center company in this list.

You can also list your company in this article. If you think that your company has what it takes to be called a reliable offering in the market, get in touch with us or drop your comments with your thoughts in the comment section below.

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