Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte cited his win for presidency by 6 million votes as evidence of the church's irrelevance after their strong opposition to him. (ABC News/AP 5-22-16)

Calling the bishops “sons of bitches” and hypocrits for living high when many in the country can't afford food, Duterte said he would continue to publicly disclose “the sins of the Catholic church and whether or not you are still relevant,” adding that he believes in God, but not religion!

Duterte's challenge on the church's relevance echos the 499th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses. Luther was a devout priest when he visited Rome, but “turn where he would...he found profanation. "No one can imagine," he wrote, "what sins and infamous actions are committed in Rome; they must be seen and heard to be believed. Thus they are in the habit of saying, 'If there is a hell, Rome is built over it: it is an abyss whence issues every kind of sin.'"--History of the Reformation, D'Aubigne, book. 2, chapter. 6.

The Bible offers similar imagery in Revelation's 17th chapter where a woman is in bed with governments and kings. She is decked in gold (a wealthy church) and scarlet (color of cardinals) and drunken with the blood of saints for her use of governments to punish heretics, but by the end of the chapter, the whore is hated and made desolate.

America was colonized by Protestants fleeing the Old World at the same time priests were colonizing South America, but after 200+ years, most of those poor people want to come to America, and since Reagan agreed with John Paul to open our southern border, America's been changing.

Luther championed the Bible truth of righteousness by faith. It means we become righteous by what we believe. It was against what the [Catholic] church taught that works, penance, pilgrimages or payments must also be made, according to their traditional teachings.

If we believe we can pay the priest for our sin and be forgiven, we can do it again, and pay again. But this cheapens the idea that Christ paid for our sins with His blood and we must choose to repent because it was our sins that caused His suffering and death. No money is needed, and He wants to help us live well.

The UN's New World Order will result in a huge “melting pot” that Revelation 17 calls Babylon—a mass of confused systems and ideologies where every kind of lifestyle is okay—just don't call it sin. Europe is making a tragic mistake doing the pope's bidding on refugees.

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