There are plenty of women doing incredible work in the tech industry all over the world, while making space for others at the top. One of these women, who caught our attention here at Insights Success a Best Business Magazine, is Philippa Dods.

Philippa is also the co-founder of Women In Tech, a Meltwater initiative created to build a mutual learning exchange, resulting in progressive female leadership on a global basis.

We caught up with the philanthropic businesswoman to learn more about her journey. Below are the highlights of the interview:

I believe the internal Women In Tech initiative that you co-founded at Meltwater has had a big impact on the company too. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Women In Tech was launched to create a digital community within the Meltwater organisation to share ideas, continue learning, and be inspired, to create a safe space for employees to talk about topics that genuinely matter.

Via active participation and support, together we hope to build a mutual learning exchange, resulting in progressive leadership on a global basis.

We host quarterly global, online events, where we invite fellow inspirational women leaders in tech to share their advice and wisdom with those trying to breakthrough the industry for the better.

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