Planning a wedding is anything but easy. Planning of any sort is extremely time-consuming and it really requires a lot of energy and effort to ensure that everything goes smoothly, especially at a wedding. There are so many things to have to be done before the big day arrives and for most couples, especially the bride, the planning process can become a bit overwhelming at some points. For this reason a bride will often seek help from close friends and family members to help make the process a bit easier and a lot less stressful. In this case the bride will often ask others to complete some of the smaller tasks of planning the wedding, such as confirming certain details such as the venue and food, decorating, and so on. If you are the maid of honor in a wedding, you may be asked to take on the task of finding personalized wedding favors to give out to all of the attending guests. While finding personalized wedding favors is a daunting task, it can be made much easier when you are aware of what is expected out of the favors.

Personalized favors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From key chains to wine glasses, candles, matches, and everything in between, there is no one type of wedding favor that is seen and used at all weddings. Because of this it becomes even more important that as the maid of honor, you are able to pick personalized favors that will wow the married couple. Below are some things to consider when you are selecting custom favors:

Keep the bride and groom in mind

First and foremost you'll want to keep the bride and groom's likes in mind. Do they want a permanent wedding favor such as wine glasses or is something temporary more ideal? What type of price point does the couple have? Do they have a certain hobby or love that they both share? All of this and more should definitely be considered before you purchase any type of personalized favors. You'll want to know for sure that the couple will like the favors you select.

Incorporate wedding colors

You don't want the wedding favors to look completely unrelated to the rest of the wedding. To tie in the personalized favors with the special day, you'll want to find ways to incorporate the wedding colors into the favors. This can be done in all sorts of ways though it may require some creativity on your part, depending on the type of favors you've selected. For example, if you choose to provide candy tins as favors, you could have the tins engraved with wedding colored text. You could also have the candy inside of the tins mimic the wedding colors. If you choose wine glasses as the wedding favor, trying ribbons on the wine glass stems is a subtle way to bring the wedding colors into the favors.

When you pick the perfect personalized wedding favors, the bride and groom are sure to be wowed!

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