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All around the world, in every walk of life, there is a common desire most people have:

To be - liked, loved, popular, attractive, admired, respected, recognized, listened to, and considered important.

In order to achieve this goal, a person would have to develop many positive qualities.

Studying the “personal ads” in the newspapers, these were the most popular qualities We found that people are looking for in others. They want someone who has as many of these qualities as possible:

They want someone who is: active, adaptable, adventurous, affectionate, a good conversationalist, a good listener, ambitious, amusing, a sharp dresser, blissful, calm, caring, cheerful, classy, committed, compassionate, confident, considerate, courteous, creative, dedicated, dependable, down-to-earth, easygoing, emotionally available, energetic, ethical, even-tempered, firm, flexible, fun, gentle, honest, intelligent, lovable, loyal, mature, non-controlling, non-judgmental, non-manipulative, open-minded, optimistic, outgoing, patient, playful, positive, reliable, romantic, sensitive, sensual, serious minded, sharing, sincere, smart, sophisticated, spiritual, spontaneous, stable, strong, stylish, tactful, tender, tolerant, trim, unencumbered, unselfish, warm-hearted, well groomed, and witty. Someone who has a good sense of humor, a good vocabulary, a good imagination, a pleasing tone of voice, a warm smile, good facial expressions, hope, ambition and high expectations, good health, and someone who has and shows “class.”

A person who has and projects: Charm, Presence, Charisma and Personal Magnetism.

This course is all about how to become that kind of person—and then, of course—the “Law of Harmonious Attraction” comes into play---“Like” attracts “Like.”

The principles and ideas shared in this course are all about how to more effectively attract – charm – influence – fascinate – inspire – interest – motivate – stimulate – magnetize – delight – please – arouse –win – enthuse – and lead others.

In comparing books on the subject of developing your personality, so that we could explain how this course would be different, we were unable to find anything that came close to what we wanted to cover.

This course is a course that is “critically” needed to put the quality back into people who have become more: Bad-tempered, belligerent, cocky, crude, deceitful, disloyal, disrespectful, egotistical, foul-mouthed, haughty, ill-mannered, impatient, inconsiderate, intolerant, lazy, loud, lustful, merciless, pushy, revengeful, rude, selfish, sloppy, self-centered, unreliable, violent, and lacking in self-control, discipline, and morals.

We’re hoping that the “carrot” in this course, “ Being Popular,” will bring about some positive changes in the reader’s attitude, manners, habits, and character, and bring about greater harmony in human relations in the world.

Your personality is the sum total of your mental, spiritual and physical traits, habits, characteristics, your emotional tendencies and appearances – which distinguishes you – from all others. The way you carry yourself – the vitality of your body - your behavior, actions, and conduct the clothes you wear – the lines in your face – the tone of your voice – the thoughts you think – and the character you have developed by those thoughts. It’s the factor that, more than all others – determines whether one is liked – or disliked by others. To realize prosperity you need to build a powerful magnetic personality that attracts people to you. There are many people who can look through your eyes – into your heart – and see that which is written there – by the nature of your most secret thoughts.

Our personality will either serve us or hinder us in getting what we want out of life. It will be either an asset or a liability. The greatest thing in life is not to make money, but to raise ourselves to our highest power, to call out the hidden beauties of our nature, and to make ourselves attractive and helpful instead of repellent and unsympathetic.
The charm of manner which comes from a generous, well-wishing heart that longs to scatter sunshine, and to fling the perfume of gladness and helpfulness wherever it goes – that is real wealth compared with which mere monetary wealth looks contemptible. After all, the personal success, the triumph of character, is the only real success.

The time will come when society will not ask how much money we have, or inquire about our stocks and bonds, because it will feel our wealth in our very presence. We shall radiate our riches, not talk about them; we shall impress people with our worth, and not give it in an inventory. It’s possible for the poorest man or woman to make a millionaire feel poor and contemptible in comparison, ashamed of his soul poverty – which is the only real poverty.

Your personal magnetism will have a great deal to do with your advancement in life. No matter what obstacles you may encounter, or how handicapped you may be, it’s possible for you to throw such a wealth of character – of love, of sweetness, of light into your life, that all doors will fly open to you and you will be welcome everywhere without introduction. The coldest hearts are warmed, and the most stubborn natures are subdued, by the charm of a beautiful soul.

To be able to throw the searchlight of a superb personality before us, wherever we go through life, and to leave a trail of sunshine and blessing behind us; to be loved because we scatter flowers of good cheer wherever we move, is an infinitely greater and nobler achievement than to pile up millions of cold, unsympathetic dollars.

Have you noticed how some people look right past you sometimes as if you weren’t even there; as if you were unimportant and didn’t really matter. How does that make you feel?

So many people really believe that they have a great personality, charm and charisma, when in reality, they don’t. They are haughty and on an ego-trip. They have an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Their vocabulary is mostly I, I, I, and me, me, me.

It doesn’t matter how pretty or how handsome they are – how elegantly dressed they are – or how sharp their car is. They turn others off! They are turned on with themselves, but they are all alone. Stay away from negative thinkers and joy killers – their influence is deadly.

Either you are filled with dynamic personal magnetism and have the ability and power to magnetize and energize those around you – or you lack magnetism.

Because of your lack of personal magnetism and power, you will often end up being led and influenced to think things and do things and say things that may not necessarily be good for your well being.
Either you control your life and destiny and are an influence to those around you – or you lose control of your life and destiny and are influenced by those around you – who may want to dominate and influence you.

What Is Personal Magnetism?

Personal Magnetism is the ability to arouse, attract, and add vitality in another person. People love to be around those that make them feel alive and important.

Concentrate throughout each day on giving others your approval and recognition.

Make them feel important, special, liked and loved; they, in turn, will consider you important and give you their approval.

Really listen to them. Look them in the eyes. Get interested in them. Learn to like them.
You will brighten their room every time you enter.

If you can’t get interested in them – they won’t get interested in you – and if you don’t like them
– they won’t like you.

As you walk down the street, repeat this affirmation to yourself – “I like people – and I radiate warmth and friendship to all” – and do it sincerely – with feeling – you will cause others to smile back at you.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the author of The Power of Positive Thinking, used to get on a bus in New York City, and as he walked to his seat, he would look into the faces of everyone on the bus to find the person who looked the saddest. Then, he would sit somewhere behind that person and pray for them and send good happy thoughts to them. Most of them responded, by turning around and looking around the bus without knowing why they turned. He would then catch their eye and give them a great big smile that would cause them to smile back.

Then, about a block or two later, he would get off the bus. On the way off the bus, he would catch that person’s eye and give them another big smile. Once off the bus he would look into the bus window at that person and smile at them once again.

They would always smile back as the bus drove away, in a happier mood then when he first looked at them. He gave them a big emotional and mental lift.

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#27 - The Power Of “High Vibration” Selling.

#28 - Success Habit Formation And Fixation.

#29 - Revitalizing Yourself For The Coming Challenges.

#30 - The Science Of Goal Achieving. Everyone Sets Goals – But Few Achieve Them.

#31 - Ridding The World Of Evil And Corruption.

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Teaching: Rick has been teaching “The Science Of Success Achievement Course” full time since 1970 to many mainstream companies and also teaches it three times per week in Teleclasses. He was also commissioned by The “Napoleon Hill Academy” in the early 70’s to teach Napoleon Hill’s world famous course, “The Science Of Personal Achievement” course.” He has been creating, marketing and conducting customized workshops that have tremendously improved and increased the performance, productivity and spirit of individuals and companies, large and small, including, Coldwell Banker, Prudential California, and Century 21 Real Estate Companies, AT&T, New York Life, Metropolitan, and Farmers Insurance Companies, Shearson Leman, Amway, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Herbalife,

Speaking: He has been giving a minimum of two talks per week for over 35 years to many major companies, had his own radio show titled, “Masterminding For Greater Success With Rick Gettle,” has been interviewed on several radio and television shows, and has been conducting weekly Teleseminars on success achievement.

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Rick’s talks, workshops, courses, articles, and books stimulate positive action in people who are ready to turn their dreams into realities. He brings forth the needed motivation, ideas, plans and success formula that have been responsible for a vast number of individuals defining and achieving their goals.

Rick spent three years in the Army Air Corp and another three years in the United States Merchant Marines and then from 1954 until 1960 he spent his time in professional selling, sales training and sales management.

From 1961 until 1970, he was in advertising, promotion and marketing.

In 1970, Rick represented Nightingale/Conant Corp (Earl Nightingale’s Company. Earl was heard daily on over 1,000 Radio Stations), The Napoleon Hill Academy and Success Unlimited magazine. He created, marketed and conducted Success Achievement workshops and courses.

In 1980, he started expanding his Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs International throughout the world.

In 2000, he retired to write motivational articles, books, screenplays, songs, and children’s books.

At the beginning of 2003, he decided to go back into the motivation business and put it all on the Internet.

Rick’s Comments

In 1954, I started reading all of Napoleon Hill’s books and since then read each one over thirty-five times (I stopped counting): Law of Success, Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key to Riches, Grow Rich With Peace of Mind, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, You Can Work Your Own Miracles and Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion.

In 1970, I bought a distributorship to market Napoleon Hill’s “Philosophy of Success” program and started teaching his Success Course. I created The Master Mind Alliance Success Club to help my students follow through and put the principles into practice. In addition to teaching the course in hotels, meeting rooms and in-house in many large and small corporations, I also taught the course in San Quentin Prison and at the Delancy Street Foundation for ex-cons, pimps, prostitutes, drug and alcohol addicts.

In 1974, I received a phone call from a Mr. John Haid who was the president of the Napoleon Hill Academy. He said that he heard quite a bit about my classes and me and that he wanted to fly out to San Francisco to meet with me. When we got together, he told me he was going to set up a Napoleon Hill Academy Franchise in Northern California and wanted to find the most qualified person to run it. He was here for about a week and interviewed several eager people who wanted that privilege. Many of them were very successful and had lots of money to gladly pay for the franchise. After several meetings with each one of us, John decided that I was the most knowledgeable on Napoleon Hill’s Success principles and gave the franchise to me. I am still sharing these principles in my Science of Success Achievement Course that my students are studying today.

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