Entrepreneurs will benefit greatly if they take the time to understand and master two important factors in order to achieve ultimate success – the external and the internal. The external refers to the marketplace, the environment, and other factors that exist outside of the entrepreneur and the business.

The internal refers to the conditioning, weaknesses, fears and doubts of the entrepreneur as a business leader and a person. Continuouspersonal development is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur. Time must be set aside every dayto focus on what improvements can be made internally to improve not only the business but also the quality of the entrepreneur`s life.

Personal development and professional development go hand in hand. Effectiveness is largely a result of the kind of habits that successful people have developed over time. These habits can be learned as part of an entrepreneur’s personal development. These habits include inspired action, balance, flexibility, discipline and planning. All of these habits can be learned over time.

Personal development is a lifelong journey. The more you know about yourself, the more you will know about others and you`ll find that your relationships improve. Consider it an investment in your future and the future of your business.

The first step is to make a realistic assessment of your current level of personal productivity. This doesn`t just mean how well your business is doing. Your personal life must be a part of this assessment as well. Perhaps you need to do a better job of scheduling time for both your business and your family, or maybe you have a hard time dealing with change. Whatever your challenges turn out to be, you cannot address them until you know what they are.

The next step is to develop a plan for your own personal development. That plan can be as simple as reading self-help books on the specific habits you need to work on, or it can include taking classes on line or at a local community college to address your personal area of weakness. Working this into your already busy schedule can be difficult if you allow it, but it`s very important. Get up a little earlier if necessary, but set aside a quiet hour for reflections, study and growth. Unless you make your personal development a priority by devoting time every day, you will never experience any improvement.

Another great strategy for personal development is to find a mentor. Learning from somebody with more experience than you can greatly reduce your learning curve, allowing you to develop much faster. Not only can mentors teach you from their experience, they can use that experience to spot your challenges and help you develop your own personal improvement plan. You can find mentors locally, or you can search online for a professional business mentor who can design a plan that meets your needs for your personal development.

Personal development is an important piece to the entrepreneurial puzzle. Your current level of personal effectiveness can only take you so far.Create a vision a level of success far beyond what you are experiencing todayand then you look for ways or steps that you can take to improve yourself first. You will grow into the vision you hold. It’s only through developing the habits of success that you will ever gain the tools, people and events you need to rise to the next level and beyond. Your future success depends on your dedication to your own personal development.

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