Hop in for the most extravagant trip of your life with our Switzerland and Italy tour package, covering the most scenic destinations of Europe.


Start your trip to the beautiful city of Zurich one of the best places to visit in Switzerland where you get an amazing boat ride in the mystical Zurich lake which is one of the best things to do in Switzerland. Later this Switzerland tour packages take you through the picturesque village of Rapperswil famous for its medieval castles. The breathtaking views in Interlaken is something you should never miss while your trip to this country with our Switzerland holiday packages. Explore the enchanting town of morcote with the houses made of stone which are covered with flowers in this Switzerland package.


Continue your tour to the stunning country of Italy with this Italy tour packages. Start this Italy packages in the beautiful city of Pisa home to the leaning tower of Pisa which is one of the best places to visit in Italy. Later this Italy holidays will take you through the city of Rome famous for its coliseum and the Vatican city. Wander through the ancient monument of colosseum which will take you 2,000 years back in time with its stunning architecture. Some of the best things to do in Italy include trying out some of the best dishes in the fancy restaurants of this splendid city.

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