Most people fail on one or several of those criteria and thus struggle to stand out as anything more than yet another person attempting to steal an unsuspecting newbie’s money and then run away.The next key criteria, assuming you can adhere to the criteria of credibility is to find your unique positioning in the market. It’s very hard to just teach “internet marketing” and unless you find something you can specialize in, it will be hard to build a sustainable business. They key to making money by writing about your journey to make money is that you absolutely must take action and try different systems and methods to make money, and then report back real results to your audience.

People are always saying "I want to make money online" so why don't they do it means some people consider making money by teaching how to make money essentially a scam.There are a few people out there, especially affiliate marketers who’ve never done anything but promote how to make money products, who can enter the make money online niche and do well, but that’s because they have a skill traffic generation and conversion, which can be applied across any market.It’s very likely that anyone today who has made good money in the Internet marketing niche has earned money in other niches before or still does.

The fact is, unless you already have experience actually profiting from a business it will be very hard to build an audience by talking about how to make money on a blog. Many contenders have come and left, and most come to the realization they just don’t have the energy to run their business and write about it too. Reaching the point where you profit from the experiments is tough enough. If someone gets burnt once, then comes to you and very cautiously makes a decision, buys your product or a product you recommend, and then has a positive experience, you have generated some very powerful goodwill.

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