I’ve had several BIG aha moments in my life, but the biggest transformation has come from a single focus … peace.

You’d think that with a business name like MasterPeace Coaching my focus would always be about being at peace. Not so. I get caught in the same traps as everyone else when it comes to getting results, relationships and letting go of the past. I find myself focusing on single (not usually tragic) problems rather than being present to the abundance right in front of my face.

This past week I was walking my daily route around the neighborhood and noticed a bright patch of green grass at the park behind my house. I stopped dead in my tracks and took a photo for you.


Because for the past few months I’ve had internal conversations about the water drought in California causing the city to cut back on watering, which is killing the lawn at this normally lush park. I was bummed to see this beautiful spot go dry.

But that day my attention zeroed in on the one part of the lawn that looked really good. And I felt hope, appreciation, and abundance in that moment.

How often in your business do you zero in on all the areas that aren’t working quickly enough? Or your mojo is crushed by that one person who didn’t buy your offer, or walked out of your presentation? And have you ever made a sale but instead of celebrating you thought, “that’s great but I need $XXXX more to make the bills?”

Here’s my little trick to make a BIG transformation in your profits … focus on peace. Make feeling at peace more important than making money, getting stuff done or getting it done right.

When I was at the worst period of my business (debt, no new clients and no new ideas to rescue it), nothing I did made a difference until I stopped trying so hard to make money. Being broke sucks, but the pressure I put on myself to turn it around was even worse. I felt helpless … full of anxiety and judgment.

When I changed my focus to peace I felt empowered, in control and okay. When I wasn’t focused on being broke I felt happy. I was living fully present to the resources and abundance around me. I still did the things I thought were good for my business, but I wasn’t an emotional wreck in the process.

And that led to the business turnaround of the century. Nine months later I was debt free, making six-figures and feeling like I was walking my talk.

I had the same thing happen with a food addiction in my thirties. I had coaches, books and tools to break through the pain but nothing worked … until I made my focus peace instead of getting rid of my addiction.

Once you make friends with peace, all of the great tools that failed you in the past may be of huge value in your transformation because you are now present to let it in.

So, peace, baby! Peace. That’s the most important thing (besides fun!).

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