Most of us wonder what happened to us in past lives, to contribute to the people we are today. Past life regression therapy, with the help of a therapist or simply with the help of books and audio, can help us determine what events took place in past incarnations – and how those events helped to shape the people we have become.

What can a person expect with various forms of past life regression therapy? Much depends on the form of therapy – and much also depends on the depth of memories accessed.

In order to get the best results from self past life regression, you should first be comfortable and relaxed. If you are tense or nervous, you’ll very likely not access memories. Many people find that fostering daily meditation habits gets them into the habit of being able to relax and open up very easily. If you have trouble with relaxing, try meditating every day for a week or so, and the process could be much easier.

Once you are able to relax and focus, using self-regression tools like CD’s and audio mp3’s can be much more simple and much more effective. Listening to the words, visualizing and focusing can help you access memories of past lives. Do not be surprised if you emerge feeling deep emotions and a sense of otherworldliness. If you find you have uncovered issues or emotions you cannot handle on your own, seek the help of a trained therapist, who can help you with further regression and talk therapy.
Hypnotic Past Life Regression Therapy

Most therapists who specialize in past life regression use various levels of hypnosis and record the entire session on tape so that the client can hear everything once they emerge from the hypnotic state.
When non-hypnotic methods are used, there is still a light trance state during which the subject remains aware of his or her surroundings – and part of the consciousness remains awake. During deep hypnosis, the client remembers nothing from the session and work is done after the hypnosis portion of the session is over.

Once the hypnosis segment is finished, the therapist should help you deal with any memories that were released. A good therapist, and your higher self, will allow you to go no deeper into your memories than you can handle, and while you may very well remember moments of trauma and even death, it is very likely that you will also remember times when you were completely at peace or very joyful. You may recognize other people, and you might even recognize animal companions.

Memories From This Lifetime
Don’t be surprised if you access early memories from your current lifetime during your past life regression therapy session or sessions! Your higher self contains every bit of knowledge you have ever amassed – and this higher self knows exactly what you need to access in order to heal old traumas and any negative feelings that you might associate with them. The goal of past life regression therapy is, ultimately, to help you grow into the best person you can be – now, and in the future.

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