Noted mythologist and author Joseph Campbell says that, at some point in his journey, the classic hero must trust his instincts and make a leap of faith into a new reality. Luke Sky walker did this in Star Wars when he closed up his radar and electronics, and trusted “The Force” to guide his release of weapons into Darth Vader’s Death Star. When the hero is willing to make this leap, he wins the prize, discovers fire, slays the dragon, saves the maiden, or gains whatever it is that fulfills his quest.

For those of you who have taken my workshop to learn to read Tarot cards will recognize the symbols of the Moon card. There we relate the same idea of the awakening consciousness emerging to begin the adventure. It requires becoming exposed, maintaining focus while bypassing the jeers and distractions of the wolf and hound, and then leaving through the pillars, or Campbell’s castle gates, and into the unknown—all of this motivated by the urge to be on the path and obtain your unique purpose. The journey of the hero’s quest—and you are the hero of your quest of consciousness.

Discovering your past lives is a hero’s journey. It is more than simply finding out who you were in another lifetime; it is a quest for enriched existence and deeper consciousness that honors and feeds your spirit. It expands your reality and your capacity to move through the universe. You let go of old baggage that has been holding you back, work through karma and patterns, expand your awareness, and begin to make choices that enhance life.

Best of all, you gain a larger perspective that makes every day of this life something to treasure. Imagine being in the future, and regressing back to this life. What do you see? What have you accomplished and contributed? How have you grown and expanded while here in the physical plane? Will you be proud of your adventures, or be filled with remorse or regret? Are you, in fact, paying attention to your life?

If the answer is that you are not paying attention or are not proud of your accomplishments, then there are remedies within the experience of the past life regression, when facilitated by a well-trained hypnotherapist, that can remove blocks and self-doubt, re-frame experiences so they become useful, and shine a light on the path and brighten the future.

When you treat life as a hero’s journey, the spirit’s quest for self-discovery and enlightenment become a driving force underlying all of your behaviors, actions, reactions, emotions, and pursuits. It is the most delightful and fascinating journey you will ever take.

Be the hero of your own saga. Meet the challenge. Plunge to the depths of this physical experience to bring home your personal holy grail, your own true self.

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