“There’s no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Many of us live “safe” lives. Familiarity is comfortable. We hide behind “the way it is” and we think it is enough. But without the energy and drive of a passionate life, we may rest on our laurels, telling ourselves that what we have is enough. It won’t work for very long, though, because this can eventually lead to boredom or even dissatisfaction with our current lives. Then the real who-you-are inside gets fussy and wants more. How, then, can we tap into the vibrancy and life that passion brings?

Is your career satisfying and fulfilling, or is it simply about bringing home your paycheck because you need to pay for food, clothing, and shelter? If you feel less than satisfied, perhaps it’s time for a transformation in your life to unleash your passion and gain greater enjoyment for your one sweet life.

Becoming conscious of our passion, our purpose, and our power is the key to fulfillment. Below are some tips for tapping into the things which give our lives that missing and enviable oomph:

1. Start by examining your “safety blankets” - the restraints and limits we place on ourselves to avoid the pitfalls of failure or loss. Although, at some times in our lives, these restrictions on our behavior or our goals were necessary, we’d be well served to view them as a temporary fix for a current challenge. Could you afford to let some of these go in order to make room for something more challenging?

2. Make a list of what you’re doing that does work. It’s good to know you can do lots of things right! This will support you as you fix the things that don’t work.

3. Grow yourself a support group. You don’t have to go it alone and a dear friend or two who can listen to you is such a blessing.

4. Consider the way your life unfolds when you are experiencing a rush of creativity or inspiration. You may feel courageous, enthusiastic, driven, excited, fulfilled, or even somewhat nervous. This liveliness is the spark of a joyful life. It is your passionate aliveness.

5. Into which areas of your life would you be willing and able to fit more of your interests and inspirations? What might it be like if you felt connected to the universe behind all that you undertake?

6. Now, contemplate the most enjoyable, precarious, wild, and fantastic visions you have when you think about what inspires you. Nothing is off-limits. Would it be okay with you if you had One Big Dream to work on and manifest?

7. Frame your plans for the future around these dreams. Whether they are attainable or lofty, you deserve to pursue them and be happy doing it.

Remember when you were a child, and anything was possible? Well, pretend you still believe that! The logical, responsible side of your adult self has proven highly capable. However, the spontaneous, daring, big-hearted, and adventurous side of who you are lives on. You need only to acknowledge her - and give her what she wants sometimes!

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With over 20 years of experience gained across television, radio and print, Maria Khalifé brings to her clients knowledge and understanding in holistic and motivational living. Maria brings to the world powerful life-changing experiences for those who seek extraordinary lives and want to reach their maximum potential. Maria can help you to uncover your true dynamic self. Please visit http://www.MariaKhalife.com