Children have one of the most inquisitive minds. The age group that ranges from 12 yrs to 15 yrs is full of energy and always wants to know and is exploring more. They easily select their role models, being influenced by cartoons or books or the latest movies released. One day they might want to be an astronaut and a soldier on the other. But, being a parent, though you might encourage your child and be happy about their keenness, it is important for you to recognize the real potential of your child. He or she might like a character and be quite well influenced by them, but you have to make sure that they dream of the right career.

Here are a few ways that we suggest at Trans Globe which will surely help you to select the right career for your child. At Trans Globe we use this enthusiasm of the children and the encouragement of the parents to select the right career.

To begin with, as soon as your child chooses a role model for themselves, start gathering the information regarding the role and inform them about the requirements which they have to fulfill to select the chosen career. If it is possible, make them meet a person in your group who holds a similar position, do that. That way your child will able to make a more informed decision to pursue their chosen the field or not, but on the contrary do not force your child to pursue generic careers just to make money. Let them follow their passion and bring out the best in themselves.

Planning is one of the most important factors. Once your child reaches the age of 15, it is really important to thoroughly go through the current as well as the upcoming trends in terms of career options. The current world is developing at jet speed and the list of the things to be explored keeps increasing. Hence, the career options are also increasing at an expeditious pace.

List down the courses that you feel your child might like. Ask your child if he has done his part of research and then shortlist the courses. Your next step shall be to consult a professional. There are a lot of educational counseling companies like Trans Globe which shall help you with the decision making regarding the choice of right career option. They perform various tests and analysis to study the fellow student and his personality.

According to the results, professionals will be able to spot the exact career that your child can pursue.
After spotting and jotting down the requirements for your child, make sure he starts preparing for the required examinations and his skill set which shall give him or her edge over the others.

It is also advisable to let your child explore the field by encouraging him to take up an internship or being a volunteer, through which they will get to experience how the real world works and also get to learn the know how of the field which he is planning to pursue. This shall give you a better idea of how and where will your child thrive.

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