It will never happen to me!

Child molesting predators hope you will have this false belief. Many parents do, and the problem has increased nearly 500% since 1986. Ask the parent of any missing child and they will say "I talked to my child and thought it could never happen to me." Ignorance won't protect your child, education will.

Follow these quidelines:

1. Tell your child to, Yell, Kick, & Scream if someone they do not know has grabbed them.

2. Make sure your child knows their area code and phone number. Teach them never to give it to strangers. Be sure your child knows how to use different phone systems.

3. Encourage your child to use the buddy system all the time and not just sometimes.

4. Keep updated photos, medical and dental records ready for use in any emergency.

5. Teach children tactics that someone may use to lure them in a car or to take them somewhere, like offering them candy, or if they have a pet, the stranger may tell the child to pet the animal.

6. Check with your local law enforcement to find out if there are sexual offenders in your area and teach your child never to talk to these offenders.

7. Teach you child to always go to a near cashier register that is open if they have separated from their parents in a mall. I can't emphasize enough the importance of this guideline.

8. Children should be accompanied by an adult or walk in groups at all times when going anywhere.

9. Make sure your child's school notifies you immediately if your child has not arrived to school. The school will not know to do this unless you ask this of them.

10. Communication - Don't let your children leave your home angry. Communicate! Someone else may do a better job than you, and lure that child.

11. Organize a safety group at your neighborhood. Talk about various programs that help keep parents informed about child safety, child care, child abductions, and even child custody issues.

12. Know what your child wears every day! Do not put his/her name on their clothing. When you do this, you are giving your child a false sense of security. A stranger will call your child by their name and your child will go up to them.

13. Always know who your new neighbors are. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but, be polite and courteous whenever you do this.

Please take these guidelines to heart, and Protect Your Child Now!

Author's Bio: 

I was a past child abuse investigator. Since then I continue to work with communities and law enforcement agencies to help stop crimes against children. I welcome comments, suggestions, and stories that a parent may have that will be of value to our cause.

Thank you warmly for caring,
Rebecca Becka