Pregnancy is no more. You are now free of all the aches and pains. The bumpy body, the sudden kick, loss of appetite and nausea attacks- all is gone! Now it's time to welcome your little angel - your baby is here.

Are you ready for this big change in your life? You are a mommy now. It's a new job and a big responsibility. How are you feeling right now? Excited? Tense? Happy? Dancing with joy? Freaked out? Chilled? Scared to death? What are you true emotions can't be expressed in words as it is the most beautiful and complete feeling in the whole world.

Every mother is special and every birth is a different experience. But one thing is common; being a mother is the most awesome feeling ever! It doesn't matter whether your labor was short or long, whether the birth was normal or cesarean, the emotional journey is too waow. But do you know how to take care of a new born?

This question often freaks out new mothers as it is a new journey for them. It takes two to tango. Both mommy and baby should be starting the special journey and will teach and learn from each other. So stay together as much as possible. Be with your baby almost all the time in initial days even if you are in the hospital. All babies are different. They like to be loved and cuddled differently. Some stay by excuse of being feed, some just want mother's body warmth and lie on mommy's chest.

If you feel your baby is unique and has some defined choices, then you are absolutely right! Congratulations mommy, you are learning and understanding your new bundle of joy. It is a blessing that new born is skilled enough to create attachment with mommy. Attachment is not only love and trust but something which makes you bonded to your baby. You fulfill all her needs at any time of day or night whether you are sleep deprived or fatigued; still you will serve your baby first. This magical bond is motherly love.

At early days, babies can't see clearly or they have a blur vision. As the time passes, baby can see her mother's face steadily and focused. The best position is while breast feeding. The baby enjoys both; food and mommy's beautiful face at the same time. Their tiny ears can hear but they react to sounds differently. Sometimes extra scared or surprised, sudden sounds frighten them often. Be a bit hush when near a new born. In a few days baby can recognize sound of mother and distinguish between a stranger's voice and her mother's.

Babies cry and they do it a lot and for almost everything; hunger, nature call, sleep. It is the only communication a baby can do at the time. You need to sooth with a warm hug and comfort your baby. Answer her cries, this will help her feel that she is important and her cries are valued. This will help her in psychological development. Resultantly she will be more calm and satisfied, will cry less. Your baby will be a happy baby and you- a happy mother.

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