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Here’s the truth: a lot of people die from pancreatic cancer. Though it’s not as common as breast, colon, or lung cancer, it still claims many lives. It is one of the hardest types of cancer to diagnose. By the time it is discovered, it has already spread to the liver, kidney, lungs, and other vital organs. It is also not easily detected since it’s quite hidden.

The prognosis of pancreatic cancer is poor, but that shouldn’t stop you from fighting the battle and living your life to the fullest. Here are some tips on how to still live a good life despite the illness:

Know more about it. As they say, with knowledge comes power. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the illness, and they can make you more worried and sadder. It’s time to know the truths. Learn about the illness comprehensively from your doctor. You can also ask as many opinions as you like. Read cancer journals and books, especially those that talk about pancreatic cancer. Look for survivors and patients and ask them of their own experiences. Never be afraid to inquire if there are things you don’t understand.

Join support groups. Though you can always count on your friends and family members to be with you, it’s still different if you get support from people who are also suffering from the illness. They have more understanding and knowledge. There are a lot of support groups you can join in. If you don’t know where to begin, you can ask for suggestions from your health care provider or health care facility. There’s a chance that they have their own network. Support groups are mostly composed by survivors and patients, though there are others that open their organizations to families and doctors. This way, they too can learn more about the illness and the ways on how they can help.

Allow your friends and family to help. A lot of patients go through depression during the early stages of the disease. There’s always the question of “Why me?” and the fear that they may not last for a very long time. Because of this, they tend to shut down themselves from others.

Now is the time that you need help the most, so don’t prevent yourself from getting one. Allow a loved one to be with you when you go to a doctor and obtain some tests. Let your partner take care of your medications or give your friends a chance to set up fund drives for you.

Affirm yourself. Depression, stress, and anxiety are just some of the many negative emotions you’re going to experience because of pancreatic cancer. But they can also be detrimental to your physical, mental, and emotional help. By cultivating them, you are reducing your chances of battling the illness.

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