Designing a home and designing a stylish home are two different things. If you are planning the later, then an important aspect of your home decor would be wall paints. The look and feel of homes today has undergone a drastic transformation be it furniture, the home appliances, lighting and even wall paints. Yes you can make your walls look strikingly stylish and match up the rest of your home by making use of varied wall colour paints. Below mentioned are a few options you can consider trying in your home.

Pastel colours: If you are in love with light pastels then be sure that such trend colours are here to stay forever. Choosing such colour paints will only show your soft side, whether it subtle sky blue hues that will make any space look airy and soothing or a ting of green that will add a sense of nature proximity to your room. You can make your room speak volumes with the colours you paint your walls with. Some colours always stay in vogue when it comes to lighter hues; pink for instance is a colour most of the girls would want to include in their rooms on the other hand gray is a highly preferred choice when it comes to depicting a minimalistic approach.

Basic colours: For the ones who wish to be on a safe side in their wall paint colour choices, the basic colours rule. These include light yellows, creams, off-whites and maroons. These are most commonly used colours but it does not mean there isn’t any scope for experimentation with them. Styling a space is a personal choice and using your imagination and creativity you can do wonders on the walls. For instance using monochromatic theme to paint a room will give you a chance to use as many shades as possible of a single colour. This painting methodology has never gone out of fashion and will be in trend forever.

Paint finishes: The finish of the paints you apply on your walls play a crucial role in bringing out the best on your walls. Paints are available in finishes like eggshell, gloss, matte etc. The choice of paint colour and its finish need to complement each other. If you are choosing a dark paint you can tone down its effect by using matte finish. On the other hand if you are using a light colour paint using gloss finish will highlight the colour and reflect light well over the walls. The right paint finish can make or break the look of any room.

Decorative paints: To make painting walls easier and add more detailing to it decorative paints have arrived. The options, colours and textures these paints come are unlimited. If you are one of those who like to change the look of their walls quiet often then decorative paints can be a creative and easily applicable option you can trust. You can choose to play with trend colours every season and give a distinctive look to your home.

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