Knee pain has a detrimental effect on your mobility and quality of life. Sometimes, the pain occurs on the outside of the knee. It mostly happens because of an injury or inflamed tissues located on the outer thigh. Osteoarthritis can also be the cause of mild to extreme knee pain. Only a few people visit a knee specialist in Mulund to diagnose the underlying cause of the constant pain, while others use home remedies or ignore the pain altogether.

However, persistent pain needs to be addressed immediately to avoid long-term damage to your knee. The outer portion of the knee isn’t always the root cause of the problem. But, if you do experience sharp pain in your outer knee, here are the possible causes.

Lateral Meniscus Tear

The lateral meniscus is located between the shinbone and thighbone on the outside of your knee. The meniscus is highly likely to be torn if your knee is twisted abruptly. People involved in soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and kabaddi are most prone to a lateral meniscus tear. It’s also possible in aged people. As you age, your cartilage becomes less resilient. Although there is no visible knee injury, the torn muscle can cause a lot of pain. The symptoms include difficulty in straightening your legs, knee inflammation, and pain while attempting squats.


Millions of people in India suffer from osteoarthritis annually. While medication and therapies can help relieve the joint pain to some extent, patients need surgery eventually. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage supporting the end of your bones is damaged. Your bones might rub together due to the thinning or loss of cartilage. This causes pain in the knee, loss of mobility, stiffness, and inflammation. The pain worsens as you practice physical activities.

Osteoarthritis can cause pain on the outside of your knee because the outer cartilage gets thinner over time. This can cause lateral-sided knee pain. Sadly, there is no cure for osteoarthritis. It’s best to discuss the treatment options with a joint replacement surgeon in Thane and consider knee replacement surgery for permanent relief.

Lateral Collateral Ligament

Lateral Collateral Ligaments is one of the most important components of your knee joint. It’s responsible for connecting the femur and tibia. The LCL also keeps your outer knee in shape and facilitates knee movements. Athletes and people who practice strenuous physical activities might experience LCL injury. If this ligament stretches beyond its capacity, it might tear partially or completely. If you have injured the LCL, you will experience sore, stiff, and swollen knees.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

If you are a runner, the cause of your persistent outer knee pain can be iliotibial band syndrome. Athletes practicing running, jumping, and extreme knee movements every day are at high risk. As you bend or move your knee repetitively, it gets inflamed. The condition might also affect the surrounding tissues.

Inflammation and pain on the outer part of the knee must be reported to a knee specialist in Thane as soon as possible.

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