He was a former Navy SEAL during the Vietnam war. Strong, loyal and mentally tough, this man stood 6'7" and was not easily moved. He was not a man who believed in the psychic world either.

As a professional psychic, I met Mark, a 49-year-old man from Louisiana, over the internet. He reluctantly asked me for a psychic reading while he was stationed in Africa working for an oil company during 2003. We did the reading by Messenger Chat with a video cam. During the reading I told him about a group of five men who were in Spirit and standing beside him at that very moment. This big bruiser of a man, who said he never cries, began bawling like a baby.

He could hardly see the messages I was typing to him from these five men. They said to tell him that everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to in 1970 and he was not to carry the burden of guilt any longer. They said to tell him they loved him, had never left him and would never leave him, that they would stay by his side till it was his time to join them. They were adamant when they said that just because they were in Spirit did not mean they had deserted him.

When the reading was finished, Mark told me the story of the disaster that changed his life so long ago. Mark & his five “brothers” were a Navy Seal team and were on another mission in one of the many Vietnam underground tunnels. This particular tunnel was nearly completely filled with water. Mark was point man and first to swim into the tunnel, followed by the other five men. About half way through, the SEAL behind him was sweeping the floor of the tunnel with a mine detector. The sweeper tripped an underwater mine, causing a horrific explosion, blowing backward.

Every man in the tunnel was killed, except Mark, who had a hole blown into his mid section the size of a dinner plate. He swam around the tunnel, frantically looking for his team, but there was nothing to be found. Not a single shred of hair or clothing was left.

Mark was a man who had been trained in warfare with rules which said you never leave your team, even if you have to drag what’s left of their bodies back for burial. He was also trained that it’s better to die honorably in battle. He was alive, barely, but would rather have been dead than go on without his brothers. But Mark had survived, and besides the wounds, the guilt nearly killed him several times. His survival instincts kicked in as he finally swam out of the tunnel, losing blood rapidly. His net vest and his hand were all that kept his insides from falling out. He swam upriver till he found a group of American Marines onshore, aiming their rifles at him. They didn’t recognize him right away as one of their own.

The next thing he knew, Mark was coming out of a coma in a hospital room, being given last rites. SEAL’s do not wear identification, so nobody knew who he was till he woke up. His family had been notified that he was MIA and probably dead.

When he came out of his coma and remembered what had happened to his team, Mark said he wanted to die; that his team could not go without him, it wasn’t fair.
For 33 years Mark carried survivor’s guilt.

During our psychic reading, his team came through for him and told him there was nothing he could have done to alter the outcome of that day and that they were still together as a team, all six of them. Even though he was on the physical plane, the team was intact.

Because of the words from his “brothers,” Mark was able to finally let go of the guilt he’d carried for so long and find peace in knowing his friends were all safe and close.

Two months later Mark was killed in a plane crash as he was flying home from Africa. His sister, Donna, told me that since his reading and for the first time since the Vietnam deaths, Mark was a new man ~ happy, light-hearted and carefree. She said she knew that he died in peace and that with his emotional healing complete, his time was through here and he was ready to go Home to his boys.

Side note: He was a wonderful man who was also my fiancé. He was killed coming home for our wedding. I still miss him.

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