EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a mind-body natural energy therapy that has proven to be one of the most reliable methods available today to cure a phobia. Created by Gary Craig, this energy method has been used to help sufferers of virtually every type of phobia. Let’s examine why EFT is so effective and how it can help resolve your phobia once and for all.

What is EFT?

EFT is a natural energy protocol that uses two important proven concepts:

1. Our bodies have a natural energy healing system
2. Our mind can control and direct that healing energy

The first of these comes from the proven success of Chinese acupuncture which modern research has shown to have measurable validity. Medical and psychology researchers have been able to show that we do indeed have a natural energy system and that the energy does move through and around the body via ‘invisible’ channels known as meridians.
The second aspect, that we can direct this natural energy with our mind, has also been researched and forms the basis of several psychological systems. The knowledge and application of both of these principles has existed for centuries in most martial arts systems and can be seen in practice at martial arts demonstrations of breaking various objects. A well trained martial artist has learned how to channel the natural body energy and focus this energy with the mind in order to perform what often appear to be incredible feats of power such as smashing concrete blocks with a single hand strike.
EFT is a systematic application of these two concepts to resolve emotional issues that cause physical symptoms and reactions.

The EFT system

To activate and affect changes in the natural energy flow within the body, EFT practitioners gently tap with the fingertips on specific points around the head, chest, and hand of the phobia sufferer. By tapping on these acupoints (acupuncture points) the flow of natural energy is increased and can then be directed. It is well known that when the energy flow is disrupted (i.e. not flowing well around the body) physical ailments or symptoms of illness are felt by a person. At the same time as the energy flow is being stimulated by the tapping, the client is encouraged to focus on a specific event or issue that is related to their phobia. This mental focus directs the healing energy to reduce and latterly remove the physical reactions being experienced as a result of the negative or disturbing event or issue being thought about.
In this way, with EFT it is possible to remove all of the unpleasant reactions felt when encountering the object or situation that brings on a phobic attack. Once the connection between the source of the phobia and the physical reactions associated with it has been broken the phobia simply disappears, usually never to return.

EFT to cure a phobia

The usual way to use EFT to cure a phobia is to identify and then bring to mind a key thought, memory, or event that normally triggers the phobic attack. For most phobia sufferers, just imagining the source of the phobia causes the same physical reactions (as the fear kicks in) as the real thing would do; such is the power of our imaginations it is not necessary to actually have a real experience to have a very real reaction.
To help the phobia sufferer to maintain their mental focus on the key issue, whilst the acupoint energy tapping is taking place, the phobia sufferer normally repeats simple sentences that specify the issue being dealt with. In this way the mind is concentrating on just that issue and not being distracted whilst the healing energy is being encouraged to flow more freely. By repeating the process of using relevant words and phrases (words can be very powerful) with the energy tapping every thought or memory related to the phobia can be eliminated.
This is normally a much gentler and certainly easier process than most of the other methods, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or immersion therapy, used to affect a cure for phobias. EFT also usually produces very rapid results even for severe or long term phobias.

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