One out of many facts about our mind is that: In contrast to rationalists, empiricists, such as Aristotle, John Locke, and David Hume, believes that the mind gains knowledge from experience.
Our mind is according to mere definition “The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; then goes on.”
And life that has magic insight and all it is yielding to is to use our mind to think to feel and to be aware of the world around us, but how many have come within grasp of understanding the use of the basic tool.
We need to understand and dwell in the sphere that “It is not what life will bring us that mat-ters but what we can add on to life to spice it up or make it worthwhile

Knowing that the essence of life that flows from us is to reconnect with our internal value which attention is the focus energy which is sacred.

On the journey Wisdom and respect for human values are our best allies and not just the privilege of the few. Success is the birthright of every single individual, so treated as such
For the start an evaluation of your life to set up goals, acknowledge that “yes”, something needs changing. Faith is a virtue; it does not denied the fact but acknowledges the fact.
It is that fact of acknowledgement that is going to lead the way of the second step, perhaps you may need take on a particular course or a class, get informed on what you would like to invest into your life.
Still before boarding the any venture note that your goals need to be crystal clear, that may involve writing down a business to keep focus and taking a step a time every single day
All have the ability to create whatsoever one desire, Creativity works on a very deep level, some people find it difficult to just let go and let the ideas flow from them
It’s not like you’re going to be made in a particular line of work if that is not what you like to do. You will be utilized according to what you do well, and usually you do things well that you like. You will be guided to do things that you will excel in
This kind of radical life change, you would be living by the flow of your heart since your heart would be your guide
"Our life is the creation of our mind"- Buddha
If this mind stuff is all new to you or you are trying to expand your horizon, understand this:
Mind Power is real.
Positive thinking works.
Visualization is powerful.
Having a positive attitude and using affirmations is as easy as being negative, but way more fun and rewarding.
The truth is we have the potential to do or be anything if we will let go of our limiting beliefs. Overcoming limiting beliefs is very important because they are usually based on fear and fear will make you weak and paralyze any chance you have of adopting new positive beliefs in their place. Knowing this should motivate us to be the master of our thoughts and beliefs and not the other way around. Unfortunately, our emotions often get in the way and emotions are the favorite food of our negative beliefs.
If you want to change, stop thinking and believing that you are a product of your past and start acting and behaving like the person you want to be. You cannot escape the power of belief but you can control it. Nothing ever changes if you don’t do anything different. Finally, you must prepare yourself to receive what you ask for
Positive thinking is not just some gimmick you try. Positive thinking should be a permanent mindset, a way of life. There is no argument that can make for the benefits of negative think-ing.
Switch from thinking “Some people have all the luck” to “I create my own reality so I am the master of my own destiny” and that make sense
Thoughts are perfect reflection of what is in the process of happening. This has been preached since the beginning, but few really understand and believe the power of manifestation. You have the power to make your life the way you want, all achieved by manifesting positive thoughts. Optimism versus pessimism. Everyone knows which one is better but why don't we all practice what we know to be true?
When life happens so quickly, you can get caught “off guard” by things, and allow situations and people to rock your calm inner being.
There is a place, deep inside you, which is calm and serene, steadfast and true. Once you start to think for yourself this is when you truly begin the journey, you’ll see the world in a new way, and miracles will unfold. It just says get yourself together; find a perfect venue and everything else will follow
What can cause us to be happy?
Attitude, "When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness."
There is just so much in life we can control. One thing is our attitude. Our attitude determines our altitude
Another tool is Positive thinking is an attitude that admits into the brain thoughts, words and pictures that are conductive to development, expansion and success.

Nevertheless if your work/life balances seem to be impossible to master? Well, just Let nature take course and inspire you, it is essential that you are self- motivated enough to take concrete steps toward your goals, hope and dreams. Your self is a creation of thoughts over the course of your life. It's your's who you think you are. So even though you know the power of positive thinking is real and should always be chosen over negative thinking, there is a conflict with what is recorded on your mental drive. Your innate need to create your reasoning, reactions and emotions to events in your life.
Start by becoming an observer of yourself. Your history is just that, history. It's only who you are by your own choosing. With conscious effort you can choose to think positive and not react based on your old imaginary self.
Be yourself, meditate, invest in life and life will invest in you, do something exciting,
Talk in the now, live in the now

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I am visualizing this initiative aiming at retouching my approach to modern society with zeal, wit and wisdom.

I evaluate and research meaning and understanding the core values into a world of quest where I myself thinking aloud and reflecting, portraying and illustrating an acceptable and just life in a way that is proven that all is possible when sought for.

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"I am promoting creative thinking is a powerful way to engage in learning and be. The one who is encouraged to think creatively shows increased levels of motivation and self-esteem. Creativity prepares them with the flexible skills they need to face an uncertain future. Employers want people who are adaptable, innovative, can solve problems and communicate well and express themselves with others. Develop the ability to be creative can enrich their lives and help them contribute to a better"

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