A team is a group of people working together in order to achieve a common goal. A company would have many such teams for a variety of purposes that serve to achieve common goals. A company’s fate depends on the efficiency of its teams of human resources.

A team needs a lot of qualities to be successful, especially in the corporate world. It needs good leadership skills from its leaders; it needs effective communication and mutual understanding between the peers. It also needs planning and motivation. Unlike technical subjects, these qualities are hard to teach. These are things that are achieved through spending time together, finding solutions together, achieving a target together, etc. In short, team work!

Team building activities aid in achieving such goals together with more efficiency. These activities revolve around tasks and games that are performed by teams. This helps the team members respond to each other; leaders to plan ahead and delegate tasks accordingly. Thus, they enhance the participants’ power of effective communication.

Look at some of the qualities that are enhanced by any sort of outbound team building activities:

  • Leadership skill:

In any team, the leader or manager is the key member. The success of the project depends on the leadership quality of the team lead or the manager. The leader is the one, who has to come up with the plan, which is followed and adhered to by his subordinates to achieve the goal before deadline. That is why, if the plan is kaput, everything falls apart! Any outbound activity or game, like paintball or scavenger hunt, would require one team captain who will formulate the plan to win the contest.

Games like these bring the best of leaders within a team!

This is another key quality for any project to succeed.  Managing time, so that the deliverables are ready before the deadline is essential for any team. This is one of the pivotal aspects of any project; tied closely to the reputation of the company.

Games like team cooking challenge helps immensely in this scenario. Each team requires coming up with a dish within a time limit, like an hour. This actually puts the team in a scenario where they need to come up with something, in this case, a delicious dish, before time runs out.

  • Team Bonding and Collaboration:

Cohesiveness within the team is important to carry out tasks in an orderly fashion. This bond between team members come through working closely with each other. This kind of collaboration is also required in action games like Laser tag or Paintball. Apart from being immensely fun to play with, these games will help the members to interact with each, help each other to stick to certain individual tasks, so that the overall goal is achieved in the end.

Outdoor activities, thus act like soothing air to the mundane work life of the corporates. After all, stressed employees do not yield great results. These activities would take care of that and employees would be rejuvenated to work harder.

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Empower Camp is a passion driven company enhancing human effectiveness through ‘experiential learning’ in outdoor environment. Our motto is Leisure with Learning, and we give our heart and soul to make you experience nature to the fullest, within a safe and peaceful environment. Each of our programme modules have been custom developed considering the participants and training objectives.