Our sense of smell ~
An exercise in gratitude and awareness connected to our spirituality and commitment to personal growth what are the correlations?
I was fascinated by our conversation this morning in our Masterheart class and as such am taking the liberty of sharing some additional thoughts for contemplation and reflection and an invitation to consider or ponder as you see fit.
How is our sense of smell connected to gratitude, awareness and judgement with respect to how we’re willing to stretch develop and grow ourselves at a personal level related to our level of humanity.
What are we willing to claim for ourselves in our ability to extend compassion, kindness, empathy and understanding not only for ourselves also for those around us whether we know them or not.
How does our judgement of others based on our own perceptions influence our ability or inability to be open understanding and expansive in how we tend to move beyond our conditioned response?
How open are we to change?
What determiners our level of judgment for others and for ourselves?
If conditions were different in the moments that we had different experiences related to our sense of smell would we perhaps act differently on one day towards the same person, situation or circumstance than we would on another given day based on a multitude of factors?
How does judgment towards ourselves and towards other’s either hinder or enhance our experience as result of our ability to use our sense of smell?
How aware are we of the gift of our sense of smell and how acute is our sense of smell?
How do we know that our sense of smell is any less than that of another and if it is compromised in some way how much of a gift is that to us or a disadvantage
Can our compromised ability to smell acutely put us in harms way physically?
Can our compromised ability to smell offer us the advantage to bring different gifts, talents and abilities to the world that someone else may not be able to do otherwise?
Loving intentions

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A gifted and passionate Motivational Speaker, Writer, Radio Show Host, Interview Host & Life Coach, Nancy Battye is a continuous student of personal and spiritual growth.

Nancy’s passion is to ignite the spark within others to support them to get connected to their higher level of self so they may get connected to shining their own light and bring their own passion and purpose to the world.

Nancy’s firm belief is that in gaining greater levels of self acceptance and self approval our day to day life will change and illuminate our way to a much richer and deeper life experience.

Nancy’s vision is to create the NCTC Battye Family Inspired Living Resort, an international template that is a home away from home for youth and young adults with physical disabilities. The resort provides an opportunity for everyone to be supported and nurtured in a loving environment. Optimal opportunities are available for both the children and their families in all areas of life including their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences.